Cats’ P.l.ace project is now on Indiegogo

Our project is now launched on Indiegogo

Our aim No 1 is to adopt and have adopted abandoned cats from overcrowded shelters. We wish to raise awareness and underline the consequences of “compulsive” adoption followed by abandonment. Pets’ abandonment led to an ever increasing population in shelters, and this becomes more and more difficult to manage.

The solution we designed is a programme of responsible adoption of cats and their gradual integration in working environments which fits and benefits equally cats and humans. It has been proven that cats help humans to unwind and improve productivity. And humans can help cats with their company and care, because cats are very sociable beings.


Every penny you give takes the concept closer to the part of the world you live ! Cats’ P.l.ace may inspire people in your city, and one day someone will open a place like ours, for cats to happily dwell in.

If you choose to make this gift and support our project, you sponsor not only the first establishment of this kind in Switzerland; you also help the concept reach new horizons, you become a part of a programme of adoption with significant potential to be developed beyond the actions taken byCats’ P.l.ace. You will enjoy cats’ company in a unique place, especially if you cannot adopt yourself a kitty, for several reasons such as long working hours, a lot of travelling, or simply because your landlord doesn’t allow you to have a pet in the flat.

Are you ready to embark on this fabulous adventure and trust you can be an extraordinary supporter for adopted cats? If you do, come and join in and spread the word about it!

Share our project with your friends, family and colleagues.

Please seize this chance to make a real difference in the fight against pets’ abandonment and in getting a home for them 

Thank you all! 

Cats’ P.l.ace Team


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