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All who love cats, books, coffee and art get together in one place: Cats’ P.l.ace Bookshop-Café!


a place with cats where, after a tiring day…

… busy people in Geneva can sip a cup of coffee or tea, a thriller in hand, surrounded by music and relaxing purring of cats. But not only 🙂 this place was designed with a lot of care and thinking and it will be REALLY very special, for YOU and for Cats!

Because our cats will be adopted from the local shelter and You will enjoy their soothing presence. And also because our place will continuously work with shelters to facilitate adoptions in a responsible way. We will share photographs of cats available for adoption in our local shelter, and this means the cats double their chances to find a loving person to take care of them. Moreover, if you know someone who moves to another country and cannot take their cats with them (what a shame…) they can contact us! We are here to help and find a new home for homeless cats. And we are here also for YOU, help you start a very energetic morning with a delicious cup of coffee or tea, or spending a relaxing afternoon or evening reading a book and enjoying calmness. And…we will also be here for you to help exhibit your paintings, drawings, photographs, if you are an artist. We are your first contact when you land in Geneva and crave for a cozy home-like place! So, don’t hesitate anymore, come and join us!

 you  might like to read what the Swiss press (in French and German only) says about us and grasp the message 

http://www.lematin.ch/suisse/inedit-geneve-bar-chats/story/25682454 «Mon café fera également librairie, explique-t-elle. Les gens pourront s’installer sur des canapés afin de se plonger dans un thril­ler et l’acheter en partant s’ils le souhaitent. Il y aura également quelques tables, ainsi qu’un coin expo.»

http://www.20min.ch/ro/news/geneve/story/Bient-t-un-bar-a-chats-a-Geneve-22196877 “Les clients du futur café-librairie pourront ainsi venir se détendre en compagnie de cinq ou dix félins, selon l’espace à disposition. Si des associations de protection des animaux ont émis des doutes, en France, face à ces bars d’un nouveau genre, l’antenne genevoise de SOS Chats se dit prête à soutenir l’enseigne locale, en lui confiant les protégés qu’elle recueille.”

http://www.blick.ch/news/schweiz/schnurrbucks-die-schweiz-kriegt-ein-katzen-kafi-id3419255.html “CAROUGE (GE) – GE – Ihre Liebe zu Katzen und zu Büchern will Daniela Agres-Eloy jetzt vermarkten: Mit einem netten Katzen-Café, das zum Verweilen einladen soll.”

http://www.bluewin.ch/content/bluewin/fr/lifestyle/2015/1/28/geneve–un-cafe-librairie-a-chats-ouvrira-prochainement-.html “L’idée est de permettre aux gens de passer un bon moment tout en dorlotant des chats qui n’ont pas eu une vie facile. Un stock de livres sera à disposition pour la lecture ou l’achat, tandis que le coin café permettra de savourer une boisson chaude dans un endroit cosy.”

Please seize this chance to make a real difference in the fight against pets’ abandonment and in getting a home for them

The ‘WE’ in the question means the TEAM, we all who participate to this project because we believe it is an awesome project: You who generously contribute because you believe in my idea, Volunteers, such as Anastasija who laid the foundation of the website, Manon and Elodie who offered to distribute flyers, Friends who regularly share the posts on Facebook, and if I miss anyone, be sure I will acknowledge them later.

I am Daniela Agres-Eloy, Dan for close friends 🙂
From a professional perspective, I am an information specialist and a librarian, but also a translator. I have almost always worked as a consultant and I love my work. Yet, at a crucial moment in my life, a couple of years ago, I realized it was not exactly what made me feel passionate, energetic and, above all, useful in a domain that had been close to my heart for a long time: defense of animals.
So, at that moment, I have started thinking of what I REALLY could do in order to help local homeless cats in a more effective way. This is how, about one year ago, the Cats’ P.l.ace concept was born. Born from my desire to create an inspiring business model which shows how adoption of cats is a real benefit for both adopters and cats, and how this can become real.
I have launched Cats’ P.l.ace project on Indiegogo with the aim of getting help for the setup of our establishment. I know you are very numerous to love and care about cats and you will want to get involved.

We want to create a cozy space for cats and customers, available to all those who love cats. And we want to take old cats -who spent too long in shelters- to our place, a world of books, lots of cushions, armchairs, a sofa, café… everything wrapped up in rhythms of jazz.

So, to sum up, our project encompasses three key activities: cats adoption programme,bookshop, and café-exhibition.

Our aim No 1 is to adopt and have adopted abandoned cats from overcrowded shelters. We wish to raise awareness and underline the consequences of “compulsive” adoption followed by abandonment. Pets’ abandonment led to an ever increasing population in shelters, and this becomes more and more difficult to manage.

The SOLUTION we designed is a programme of responsible adoption of cats and their gradual integration in working environments which fits and benefits equally cats and humans. It has been proven that cats help humans to unwind and improve productivity. Cats are a fantastic source of well-being and their company is highly appreciated and beneficial. And humans can help cats with their company and care, because cats are very sociable beings.

We would REALLY LOVE to land our establishment this year in Carouge, but we entirely rely on your contributions. The first step is to rent, cover the deposit required for the commercial space, and renovate the premises + adopt and provide the deserved care to adopted cats. And if I manage to negotiate the entrance fee for the premises and we will be able to save some money and build on the rest of the 190,000, this will also allow me to equip the bookshop. This first step REALLY needs your contributions in order to be operational at the beginning of September.

And because our project is not only a project but a whole concept, every penny you give takes the concept closer to the part of the world you live ! Cats’ P.l.ace may inspire people in your city, and one day someone will open a place like ours, for cats to happily dwell in.

This is why YOU play a TREMENDOUSLY IMPORTANT role:  

Because some of you cannot adopt a kitty, for several reasons : long working hours, a lot of travelling, or simply because your landlord doesn’t allow you to have a pet in the flat.


you just cannot commit to adopt a cat even if you love cats. Therefore you can come around and spend quality time with us !

Cats’ P.la.ce Bookshop-Café with Cats is solely supported by your contributions


If you choose to make this gift and support our project, you sponsor not only the first establishment of this kind in Switzerland; you also help the concept reach new horizons, you become a part of a programme of adoption with significant potential to be developed beyond the actions taken byCats’ P.l.ace.

All our fans and supporters can follow our activity and progress, from fundraising to partnerships and information on events, on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/librairie.cats.p.l.ace we kindly invite you to like and share. Also, don’t miss out the news posted on our blog https://catsplacebookshopcafe.wordpress.com and on www.cats-place.ch !

You can also find us on Twitter !

Are you ready to embark on this fabulous adventure and trust you can be an extraordinary supporter for adopted cats? If you do, come and join in and spread the word about it! Share our project with your friends, family and colleagues

Your comments are more than welcome, they help us to improve & we always want to improve! 

AGAIN: Thank you all for supporting our project! 

…P.S. What we have accomplished so far:

–  contact with various providers and publishing houses

– visited establishments where live adopted pets

– met with key people and officials of Carouge to make sure we meet with their approval

– have had interviews with journalists

– list of artists for the exhibition area is full for almost a whole year

-we organized sales to collect funds

– I am taking barista classes where I’ve met fantastic people!

– and more importantly: making NEW FRIENDS, people like you who believe in our project and want it to become real, as much as we want it!

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