If You Adopt instead of Buying

· You save lives : hundreds of pets are euthanized every year in Europe because of ever increasing rates in abandonment. Through our programme we will work together with local shelters and help them to find adopters and also raise awareness on terrifying consequences of abandonment. Workshops will be organized to explain why buying pets, instead of adopting, literally sends pets in the “death row”. Through adoption you save two lives: the pet you adopt and a homeless pet because the pet you adopt leaves their place to a homeless pet

·  You have a pet in good health: shelters host plenty of pets in excellent conditions of health. When the pets arrive in shelters, they receive appropriate care and their health is checked by vets. You receive good advice about pets’ nature and character. Not all pets arrived in shelters because they were bad tempered or were traumatized by their owners. The more common reasons are: long-distance moving, divorce, lack of time, financial issues

·  You save money: it is much more convenient to adopt a pet from a shelter, than to buy them from pet shops or breeders. Moreover, most of pets in shelters are already sterilized and vaccinated

·  You feel better: pets are exceptional in turning people into perfect stressless beings: not only offer you their unconditional love, they are also an endless source of psychological, emotional and physical well-being as they chase your stress away. Ask people who are welcome by their pets when they go back home after work how they feel. On the other hand, spending time with pets, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Taking care of them, improve your physical condition through exercise and better blood flow which leads to better health of your heart.

·  You are not supporting the pets’ mills which exhaust pets through intensive breeding. Many places of this kind keep pets in horrible conditions, underground, in tiny cages, then once totally exhausted, pets are killed, abandoned, or auctioned off. The puppies are sold through pets shops, newspapers, on Internet. People who buy them cannot trace back where puppies come from and they are faced with behavior disorder when it is too late. As long as people go on buying from pets mills, they caution irresponsible and cruel treatment applied to pets. Visit your local shelter, see by yourself how pets are taken care of and adopt the pet who is waiting for YOU


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