We Can if We Want It! — On peut si l’on veut!

Nous pouvons le faire en 4 jours! Contribuez à notre projet!

& MERCI encore à ceux qui nous ont déjà rejoint 🙂



We can still make things happen in 4 days! Join us in the project!

&TONS OF THANKS to those who have already joined us 🙂



Stop the Dog Meat Trade in Vietnam

I know everybody likes a nice and lovely Sunday morning away from the dark aspects of life, and many of us just choose to leave sad things outside our doors, the furthest possible from our mat. Still, it’s not because we enjoy Sundays in peaceful and safe countries that horrible things don’t happen out there. They unfortunately DO happen. People and animals are killed in horrible conditions on sunny days, in beautiful countries without us noticing them. But if we care, we care every day, we care when we are told things like this unfortunately happen.

I’m just like you: living a wonderful, peaceful country where our children grow up happily, sometimes complaining for waking up in the morning to go to school, when we remind them how lucky they are they can do it. Only moments ago, I was writing while listening jazz, enjoying a cup of coffee and came across this terrible article.

It was a time when I was wondering if petitions were really useful and made things go in the right direction. This is how I started to get some information about it and decided to start signing petitions. And yes, I could see the difference petitions made, not because I started signing them, but because many other people took the time to do it. I am still a strong supporter of the saying “the ocean is made of tiny drops”. So, please, be a drop in the ocean and take some seconds to sign this petition. And maybe with this petition you will start signing others and believe you can make a difference in the world, because YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, if you want to. Have a blessed Sunday


Dear Friends,

I am thrilled so many of you got involved in our project and I thought important for you to know that!

We are launching today a contest of the most appealing logo for Cats’ the following: on the existant triskell (see photo), which is already an intrinsic part of our concept, we would like you to add all attributes of a cat: a tail, a pair of ears and whiskers, the way you think it will fit better to the Celtic triskell style.

VERY IMPORTANT! THE TRISKELL HAS TO BE KEPT EXACTLY AS IT IS NOW. Everything you add, should be added on the external area of the circle. Only the whiskers can start from the interior of the circle.

You are kindly asked to send your logo picture to danielaagres@yahoo.co.uk with the subject title:

CONTEST LOGO CATS PLACE. On the 1st of May, I will publish all of them on our Facebook page and leave you the next week to vote. On the 8th of May, I will publish the photo and winner’s name on our page.

Are you ready? Go! Let’s see who’s the most creative amongst you 😉


Chers Amis,

Je suis extrêmement heureuse que vous soyez aussi nombreux à être engagés dans notre projet et j’ai pensé qu’il était important que vous le sachiez.

Nous lançons aujourd’hui un concours du logo le plus attrayant pour Cats’ P.l.ace.

La règle est la suivante: il faut rajouter au triskell, qui est déjà partie intégrante de notre notre concept (voir photo) tous les attributs d’un chat : la queue, une pair d’oreilles et des moustaches, de manière  à ce que ça correponde au style celtic du triskell.

TRES IMPORTANT: LE TRISKELL DOIT RESTER EXACTEMENT COMME IL EST MAINTENANT. Ce qui est rajouté doit être rajouté sur le contour extérieur. Seulement les moustaches peuvent commencer à l’intérieur.

Vous êtes gentiment priés d’envoyer vos créations par email à danielaagres@yahoo.co.uk en mettant dans la ligne du sujet: CONCOURS LOGO CATS PLACE.

Le 1er mai, je publierai toutes vos créations sur la page Facebook et vous laisserai voter pendant la semaine qui suivra.

Le 8 mai, je vais publier la photo et le nom du gagnant sur notre page.

Prêts? On verra qui sera le plus créatif d’entre vous 😉

Only Two Weeks to Go for Donations – Seulement deux semaines pour contribuer

Only two weeks to go on Indiegogo. If you wish to contribute, it is high time, I am counting on you, our 10,040 fans ! Some of you have already contributed, and I thank you a lot. I hope the others will join you. If each one contributes only 20€, we will reach the needed amount in a wink and will be able to open this autumn.

Think how much we can achieve together and bring a dream to life!

I really count on your support. Many thanks!


Encore deux semaines avant la fin de la publication de mon projet sur Indiegogo. Si vous souhaitez contribuer, il ne reste pas beaucoup de temps, je compte sur nos 10.040 fans ! Quelques uns d’entre vous ont déjà contribué et je les remercie beaucoup. J’espère que les autres vont nous rejoindre. Si chacun contribue à hauteur de 20€ seulement, nous allons collecter le montant nécessaire très rapidement et serons en mesure d’ouvrir cet automne.

Pensez combien c’est facile d’accomplir un rêve lorsque nous sommes ensemble!

Je compte vraiment sur vous. Mille mercis!

Is Geneva Genuinely Ready for a Cats’ Café?

Geneva, the 9th European city to have a cats’ café?

After Viena, London, Devon, Berlin, Paris, Lyon, Brussels, and Budapest, are Swiss ready to support the opening of a cats’ Café in Geneva? This is a big question to which we are not able to answer yet, in view of the apparent reluctance of potential contributors to the Cats’ P.l.ace project http://www.facebook.com/librairie.cats.p.l.ace.

Surprisingly, in spite of enthusiastic messages, phone calls from people who are eager to see the establishment open, great feedback on the concept and progress, and soon 10,000 fans on Facebook, the project launched the end of February on Indiegogo is not moving forward.


Genève, la 9éme ville européenne qui aura un café à chats? 

Après Vienne, Londres, Devon, Berlin, Paris, Lyon, Bruxelles et Budapest, est-ce que la Suisse est vraiment prête à soutenir l’ouverture d’un café à chats à Genève? C’est la grande question à laquelle nous ne pouvons pas encore répondre, étant donné la réticence de supporters de Cats’ P.l.ace.

Malgré des messages plein d’enthousiasme, des appels de ceux qui seraient impatients de connaître la date de l’ouverture de notre établissement, d’excellents retours sur le concept et les progrès faits, sans parler des 10.000 fans de notre page Facebook, le projet lancé sur Indiegogo à la fin du mois de février ne semble pas avancer.

Asked by Swiss Residents Who Want to Contribute

Swiss residents who are eager to contribute to Cats’ P.l.ace project asked for an easy to use account, available in Switzerland. I am pleased to provide this information for you: Post Finance, IBAN : CH76 0900 0000 1701 1922 1 ¦ Compte/ Account : 17-11922-1 CHF ¦ BIC : POFICHBEXXX, Denomination in e-finance: Cats Place Bookshop-Café, Denomination: Eloy Agres Daniela

Thank you for asking 🙂

Un article dans Hotellerie-Gastronomie sur notre futur établissement


«Il est même prouvé que la présence des chats permet de faire baisser la pression sanguine», affirme-t-elle. Une manière de dire combien l’animal est important et qu’il faut en prendre soin. »

Events in Crime Writing, Summer 2015

May 14 – 17, 2015
Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel
College Green
Bristol BS1 5TA
United Kingdom
Event: Lee to interview Maj Sjöwall
Tel: +44-117-9255100
Info: crimefest.com


July 16 – 19, 2015
Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival
Old Swan Hotel
Harrogate HG1 1DB
United Kingdom
Event: Details to come
Info: harrogateinternationalfestivals.com/crime