Stop the Dog Meat Trade in Vietnam

I know everybody likes a nice and lovely Sunday morning away from the dark aspects of life, and many of us just choose to leave sad things outside our doors, the furthest possible from our mat. Still, it’s not because we enjoy Sundays in peaceful and safe countries that horrible things don’t happen out there. They unfortunately DO happen. People and animals are killed in horrible conditions on sunny days, in beautiful countries without us noticing them. But if we care, we care every day, we care when we are told things like this unfortunately happen.

I’m just like you: living a wonderful, peaceful country where our children grow up happily, sometimes complaining for waking up in the morning to go to school, when we remind them how lucky they are they can do it. Only moments ago, I was writing while listening jazz, enjoying a cup of coffee and came across this terrible article.

It was a time when I was wondering if petitions were really useful and made things go in the right direction. This is how I started to get some information about it and decided to start signing petitions. And yes, I could see the difference petitions made, not because I started signing them, but because many other people took the time to do it. I am still a strong supporter of the saying “the ocean is made of tiny drops”. So, please, be a drop in the ocean and take some seconds to sign this petition. And maybe with this petition you will start signing others and believe you can make a difference in the world, because YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, if you want to. Have a blessed Sunday

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