Our Project on Indiegogo www.igg.me/at/cats-place-geneva

Cats’ P.!.ace, a Forever Home for Cats in a Bookshop-Café

Let’s get together and create a model to change the world and the way to help abandoned cats


Since the setup of our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/librairie.cats.p.l.ace, in October 2014, the number of our fans grew to be 13,600. Thank you so much for this!

What about You? Are you a person concerned with abandoned cats, a person who love but cannot have a cat, an artist looking for a cool and reasonably priced exhibition place, a coffee lover, a cool person looking for a cool place? 

If your answer is YES, help us launch our establishment ! Donate and we redesign the world of 11 adopted cats
NO cage in our place, our cats live FREE !


In 2014, more than 60% of pets living in shelters across Switzerland were cats: 11,583 which equals to 32 abandoned cats per day, and more than 45,000 in France.

Pets abandonment follows a very worrying growing curve all over the world and we are able to slow it down, a little every day.

Our solution: benefit from the creation of a responsible and sustainable adoption programme

the cats are genuine sources of well-being helping humans to get rid of stress therefore enhancing productivity. As far as it concerns cats, they are extremely sociable beings and highly appreciate human presence.

The Aim of the Project

Born out of my wish to create a new model of Home where adopted cats would live free, our establishment will be completely different from a shelter. I want to make people aware of the consequences of “on a whim” adoption, very often followed by abbandonment.  J



The cats will benefit from the creation of a responsible and sustainable adoption programme

Your donations will be used

  • To rent a commercial space and pay the entrance fee
  • To setup the space: refurbishment according to felines’ needs
  • To pay adoptions fee and the first visit to the vet’s
  • To buy the material for cats: cats trees, cushions, cats’ wellness path, litters
  • To setup the café space: professional coffee machine, fridge, tables, chairs, crockery, electrical appliances
  • To setup the bookshop: shelves, stock, sofas, armchairs

This step is crucial and we need YOU to get it ready for Spring 2016.


The Project, in a Nutshell: 


And some details…


  1. a home for a dozen cats

A dozen cats will find a Home in our bookshop-café. They will be our protégés and it will not be possible to adopt them

  1. a daycare for your cats when you are away

Our daycare will lovingly host your little felines during your absence during  long working days, business travel, holidays

A cup of café? one of tea? Then some lines in a thriller and here we go for a new good day

The bonus: lots of purrs ! listening to purrs frequencies of 20-50 Hz is relaxing and soothing, and also enhances serotonine production , the Happiness hormone… with only 6 minutes of reading you can bid farewell to stress

What pure happiness looks like 


This place was designed with lots of care for Cats and for Yourself

  • Our cats will be adopted to the local shelter
  • We will work with shelters to ease responsible adoption through information exchange in the interest of cats
  • You will be able to post adverts and photographs on our blog to maximize the chances of cats who are looking for a home to find a loving and responsible family
  • You know people who move houses to a faraway location and cannot take their cats with them. You will be able to reassure them and let them know they can count on us to find a new home for their beloved pets
  • As for the café space, we’ll be there with you to cut the design the day together in an energetic and enthusiastic way, a cup of coffee or tea, a freshly pressed fruits juice or smoothie in hand… or to spend a relaxing afternoon listening music, reading a book and savouring the soothing presence of our cats
  • You are an artist, you will have a space to display your artworks for a more than reasonable price
  • So, don’t hesitate anymore, join us and Donate !

Featured in the News


Le Matin

20 Minutes



Signé Genève

Hôtellerie Gastronomie Hebdo, La revue des professionnels depuis 1886 

Seize the opportunity to become the one who decide to change things ! To help, please join us and let’s fight together against pets abandonment ! Let’s get together to find a Home for them


I am Daniela, passionate and concerned about fauna & environment in general, and about cats in particular. I look forward to opening a bookshop-café & daycare for 11 cats or more, in Geneva area, the coming spring, with your help.

With a literary background, I have built a career in translation, library and communication. I am supporting an organization which saves dogs in Thailand, contributed in a crowdfunding to set up a shelter, have taken care of stray cats and dogs in Bucharest while living there, organize food drives for a local shelter during the cold season, and actively support animals causes around the globe.

The mix of all these ingredients led me three years ago to the idea of the project Cats’ P.!.ace.

Today I trust our 13,600 fans to help us put together the funds we need to open the space at the beginning of 2016.

We are calling on You to Donate and participate with us to give life to a concept which will save tens of cats


Why are You So Important ?

Because the number of abandoned cats is increasing each year while numbers of people just like you cannot adopt a cat, for different reasons : long working hours, the landlord doesn’t allow a cat in the flat

Supporting Cats’ P.!.ace means you help a concept reach new horizons, You contribute to the setup of a program of tailored adoption


 Cats’ P.!.ace and the Social Media


Follow and share our page extensively with your friends, colleagues, family! Make sure you don’t miss the news on our blog https://catsplacebookshopcafe.wordpress.com or Twitter

 We will be happy to read your comments!

…P.S. We’ve already had done so far:

  • Visited other establishments which hosted stray cats and compared our objectives and implementation of our ideas
  • Established contacts with several suppliers to be able to welcome our pensioners the best way possible
  • Organized garage sales to collect funds
  • Introduced our project on the 21 and 22 November, at a very important event in Geneva, at Palexpo, Les Automnales
  • ALSO, WE HAVE A POTENTIAL SPACE! And would love to hold it, please help us to collect the funds AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
  • The most important: we meet, every day, in person or virtually, enthusiastic people like you who believe in us and in our project and wish as much as we do to see it live!






With love,


Some more sweetness …


4 thoughts on “Our Project on Indiegogo www.igg.me/at/cats-place-geneva

  1. Hello. I already donated €150.- by Paypal when you made a first funding compaign about one year ago (after I read a news in “Le Matin”), and I received, as counterpart, a voucher for a free book and free coffee/tea… What about this donation, and will be the counterpart already valid even you are now on Indiegogo??
    I would naturally make a new donation, but I don’t want to feel “throwing my money by the window”, so what would I receive if I give you €100.- more by Indiegogo (meaning that I would have donated a total of €250.-)? Will you propose me a free membercard for 2 years (for example), knowing that I just want to come sometimes because I live qiute far from Geneva?? Best regards, Patrick H.


    1. Dear Sir,

      It will be with great pleasure I will offer you a free membercard for 2 years. Our project is on Indiegogo a second time in order to collect the amount we need to launch it early 2016. The first crowdfunding failed, unfortunately. Yet, the money collected helped us to progress with the project.

      Thank you so much for your generosity and rest assured all our donators will receive the counterparts as soon as we open our establishment.

      With my best regards,
      Daniela Agres-Eloy


      1. Hello and thank you for your answer. So I think I would make a new donation until end of December if I can (because I don’t have a lot of money actually…). I really hope your project will “see the light”, because I always had cats at home by my parents, but since the last one died, they never take another one. And I have no space or time for caring it to take one myself, so your bar would be a nice oppotunity to have time with cats…


      2. This is extremely kind of you, thank you very much. The aim of my project is to make a home for adopted cats and a lovely place to share with nice people who love and care about cats but are aware they cannot take care of one by themselves. So, thank you again, I am so lucky there are people like you.


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