In Love with Writing

When you are in love with writing, even if you quit for a while, you’d always get back to your first love.

Writing is a training, I don’t teach you anything new, right? You know it very well.

I don’t pretend to be a WRITER, I love writing and quitted it for a while. And about a year ago, I came across newspaper clippings I preciously kept, articles I wrote in my 20s. Some of them I love a lot make me smile after so many year, and I sometimes think ‘have I written them myself?’. It seems so long ago and I realize how rusty one can become after a long while. I’ve always loved writing, as far as I can remember. I participated in national writing competitions, then I got engulfed in daily constraints and regretably diminished little by little the time I used to take for my favourite activity.

From time to time, when I read a book I think ‘what if I start writing again?’ Writing is a therapy for lots of things.

Two years ago, I started writing again, shyly, stumbling on words which used to flow some time ago. Now, I can’t spend a whole day without it and I realize I need some time to train again. But it’s addictive, you know it too.

If you want to get back to it, write every day, no matter what, no matter how heavy-handed. You will realize you improve every day, don’t give up if you feel this is ‘your thing’. Be resilient and enjoy the day you find out how much progress you were able to make.

Remember the times you’ve learnt how to walk. How many times have you fallen? But you didn’t care, you got up again and again. And today you don’t even think you are walking all the time, you don’t think how to put a foot in front of the other, do you?

And, above all, do not listen to those who laugh at you. Believe in yourself 🙂

With love,


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Pourquoi les espaces de travail valent de l’or et pourquoi on aura un chez Cats’ P.!.ace


English version 

Dans l’espace ultra-limité dans lequel nous sommes contraints à vivre de nos jours, communément appelé ‘appartement’, il est impossible, ou presque ! de travailler tranquillement, sans être interrompu/e toutes les 5 minutes ou, dans le meilleur des cas, toutes les demies heures ! J’ai essayé différents endroits de mon appart’, en espérant trouver un espace décent pour écrire, traduire ou bosser dans le calme…. Oui, LE CALME ! Ok, je ne vais pas péter un câble à cause d’un simple mot ! comme je disais, j’ai été incapable de trouver cet havre de paix, similaire au mirage dans le désert ; même histoire pour le job idéal ou le mec idéal (c’est pire que de trouver le job idéal! en fait je pense que c’est un enchaînement, comme un domino : tu tombes sur l’endroit idéal, ensuite le job idéal, et bingo ! le mec idéal ou dans le désordre, comme aux courses, ou tu ne tombes sur rien du tout, ce qui est le plus probable. Ok, ok, je vais rester positive, mais jusqu’à QUAND ???) je parlais de quelque chose d’idéal. Suis-je trop compliquée parce que je veux un truc idéal ? Ne me dis pas que tu es pareil ! si, en fait, dis-le moi, je veux tellement t’entendre le dire ! 😀

Ok, revenons à notre sujet: un espace de travail qui rend heureux à la fin de la journée, une fois qu’on a bouclé une pile (virtuelle, bien sûr !) de taf’. J’ai tourné en rond dans notre petit eugh….. minuscule ville à la recherche d’un tel endroit et… rien du tout, même pas un bout de table à côté d’une prise, un brin de réseaux Internet et un peu de tranquillité pour pouvoir se concentrer ! Même pas en rêve tu ne trouveras un endroit où travailler avec une autre personne ! Une bibliothèque ? tu rêves les yeux grands ouverts ! ce n’est pas pour rien que nous habitons à Ferney-VOLTAIRE. VOLTAIRE!! Ce nom vous rappelle quelque chose ? Donc, non, même pas une bibliothèque dans une ville (ok très petite cette ville, je vous l’accorde!) où il y a le deuxième lycée international du pays.

Pourtant je connais beaucoup de gens qui ADORERAIENT un endroit calme où ramener leurs idées, leur laptops, des notes, des devoirs, siroter un café ou autre liquide magique et bosser tranquillement. Sans parler du fait que des gens autour de nous qui bossent aussi créent une ambiance ultra motivante. L’échange d’idées, scientifiquement appelé ‘brainstorming’ et traduit de manière très rigolote en français ‘ remue-méninges’ (OH DEAR! Je peux boire du jus de citron pur tous les matins, mais il y a des traductions qui me crispent, qui me rendent « tendue comme Natacha », pardon ! je connais quelqu’un qui pourra vous expliquer ce que je viens d’écrire)

Mais… ne désespérez pas! J’ai la solution, dès que nous réussirons à collecter les fonds, vous aurez cet endroit. Promis, promis ! Nous avons besoin de seulement 150.000€ (ooops ! eh, oui! Autrement si vous nous trouvez un espace de prêt pour une année, le temps de démarrer… vous pouvez m’appeler même à minuit si vous nous trouvez cet endroit 😉 ) donc, comme je disais, une fois cette somme collectée, trouver un local sera un jeu d’enfant !

Récapitulons: on aura en endroit très sympa, relativement grand, des chats, des livres, du café, du thé, des boissons, des petites choses à grignoter, jazz, lounge music et UN ESPACE DE TRAVAIL. Vous avez d’autres idées ? Ok, ne soyez pas timide, laissez-nous un commentaire, vos précieuses idées ne resteront pas sans réponse 😉



Some are friendlier than others ?

Let’s be clear on this point: I Love all cats, dogs and almost ALL non-speaking beings. Sorry for spiders, worms, and other creepy creatures I tried to like but I can’t!

Yet, some cats seem to be more friendly than others of the same breed. Please enjoy this short video and leave your comments, should you agree or not with it 🙂

With love,


Why people say cats are not attached to their adoptive parents?

Some day, someone imagined a cat is not attached to their adoptive parents, but THEY ARE! And you all, cats lovers, know I am right.

This is an interactive post, so please leave your comments, you are allowed not to agree with each other about the attachment issue. Soooo, let’s have a chat together on this post!

Have a lovely day!



Cats are not supposed to eat dry food!

They are NOT supposed to drink lots of water and this happens when we feed them dry food. Some people tell me their cats LOOOOVE dry food. They DON’T. They have no choice because people feed them dry food and nothing else. But if you LOVE your cats and dogs, and you are a keen observer (if you are not, don’t worry, you can become one because human beings are programmed to LEARN EVERYTHING) read further, it’s interesting!

Let me tell you what I’ve noticed over the last 6 years with one of my cats. He has a pancreatitis and used to vomit after every single meal, 6 or 7 times in a row! It’s scary and heart breaking. I took him to the vet, he had a lot of check, stayed for overnight observation and he got diagnosed. And then, the vet recommended me food they were selling. I cannot give you the name of the food, I am not strong enough to fight against the big names of pets food  ;/ , not yet, eugh… maybe never even if I would REALLY LOVE to be able to show everybody what they put in pets’ food because it is a shame, they are poisoning our pets with no limit as far as it brings them A LOT of money.

To resume, my cat, Eliott, kept on vomiting!  Fortunately, I participated to a cats’ exhibition where I presented my Bookshop-Café with Adopted Cats project during 2 days, and there I met a super company representative who found the solution for my cat: 100% natural food and 15 years research behind them. I can say they saved the life of my cat. I attended several presentation organized by the company and found out lots of things about pets. We think we know everything but in reality we don’t, so this is why I love to learn all the time.

And yes! My cat is not vomiting anymore, plus he and his other 3 brother and sisters benefit from a high high high quality food which IS NOT MORE EXPENSIVE than the one I used to buy at vets’ and in supermarkets. Since, I became their ambassador and all my customers, with no exception, trust me! no exception at all, are very happy with the effects of this natural food, with a minimum of 60% meat we, humans, eat, the same meat. Well, they are not friends with their vets anymore, but their pets are energetic, healthy, and happy. And they can choose amongst fish, chicken, shrimps, salmon, veal, and herring.

I can explain to you how good this food is for your cats, and dogs, so drop me a line, give me a call or send an email

I don’t want you to become my customers, I want you to have healthy and happy pets fed on natural and perfectly balanced food. I know some of you cook for your pets, this is awesome and lovely, but sometimes they still don’t have everything they need in their food because they don’t have the same body as humans. So, hear from you soon!

With lots of love,


Why working spaces are invaluable and why we will have one @ Cats’ P.!.ace


In the limited living space one can have nowadays, most of the time called a flat, it’s almost impossible to take a breath and get down to work properly, without being disturbed every 5 minutes, or at the best every half an hour. I’ve tried different places in my flat, where I could, with a minimum amount of comfort, write or translate or whatever I had to do and which needed calm and … CALM! Alright, let’s not get mad at it:-)  so, as I was saying, I couldn’t find the ideal one, just like the ideal job or the ideal guy (this is even worse than for the ideal job!) or whatever ideal we are all looking for. Am I too complicated because I want an ideal something? Don’t tell me you are the same!? Because I would REALLY like to hear you saying that 😀

But let’s get back to our subject, yes this is why a working space is invaluable, it helps one to get work done and be happy at the end of the day. I wandered around our little tiny city and there is not even a mini place to sit, have a connection and be able to work, not even think of working with someone else, because there’s no such a place in here! Not even a library, in a place where we have an international school right? the second international school in France! Is it reasonable to ask for a place where students could work over half terms and holidays when the school is closed? I think it is and I think you agree with me, thanks for that 😉

I know lots of people who would hugely appreciate a quiet place where they can take their ideas, their laptops, their notes, their school papers, sip some coffee or something else and get the brainy work done. Plus, other people working around is such a motivating environment and exchanging ideas is scientifically called ‘brainstorming’ oh yeah! It sounds very professional eugh… personally I don’t find it sounds that well but anyway, it’s a nowadays buzz word so I guess you know what’s about 😉

So don’t be desperate anymore for a working space, there will be one at your disposal, as soon as we collect the funds for the rent. Once we have the necessary amount to set it up, which means about 150,000€ oops!, to find a space will be peanuts, believe me!

Let’s recap: we will have a nice and relatively big space, cats, books, coffee, tea, drinks, some nibbles to go with everything, jazzy loungy music and A WORKING SPACE. Any other idea? Don’t be shy, drop a line and your precious words will be responded to, they will not get covered in the dust of oblivion 😉

Lots of love,



Un simple changement peut être une opportunité

Un peu déçu car notre plan ne s’est pas déroulé exactement comme nous l’avions prévu ? Moi, Jamais ! enfin, si, un peu parfois… 🙂  je ne suis pas la raison incarnée hein ? Mais, on ne devrait pas l’être

Hier j’avais prévu d’aller à une signature de livre. Une fois arrivée à la librairie, j’ai appris qu’ils avaient déplacé la date. J’aurais pu être déçue, mais à la place j’ai préféré profiter du temps libre qui me tombait dans les bras. J’ai flâné parmi les rayons ce qui m’a permis de découvrir des nouveaux titres de mes écrivains de polars préférés et j’ai fini par craquer pour un roman de Lee Child, Die Trying. Ce titre reflète tellement bien ma personnalité… mais je ne l’ai pas acheté pour cette raison. Tous les livres écrits par lui, sans exception, m’ont captivé jusqu’à la dernière page. Vous savez, quand on est en train de lire la dernière page et on espère que d’autres pages vont se rajouter pour ne pas arriver à la fin, pour ne pas quitter l’histoire. Et même si mon compte en banque affichait un mini solde (eugh…), j’ai cédé à la tentation et je l’ai acheté.

Ensuite, je suis ressortie pour profiter encore un peu de l’après-midi ensoleillé. Je me suis dirigée vers le Rhône qui traverse le centre de Genève et me suis arrêtée dans une petite boutique toute coquette. La responsable, une petite dame très vive, était tellement à fond dans son travail que nous avons passé un bon moment à discuter des produits qu’elle me présentait avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme. Et là, le sujet de la page Facebook de la boutique est venu dans la conversation. C’est le moment où je me suis dit ‘cet après-midi n’a pas été celui prévu, mais une opportunité se présente’

J’ai quitté la boutique en souriant ‘rater un après-midi parce que les choses ne se sont pas déroulées comme prévu ? ça n’existe pas ! ‘ il y a toujours un côté positif, toujours

Et même si le soleil est caché par les nuages par moment, c’est toujours une belle journée. Elle est belle car on sait que le soleil est tout près, les oiseaux fêtent l’arrivée du printemps et parce qu’on a plein de choses intéressantes à faire pour ceux qu’on aime, même si parfois il y a des changements de dernière minute.


Every Change is an Opportunity

A bit disappointed by a situation which did not get the exact results you expected? Me? Never! (well, sometimes a little bit though 😉 I’m not a super woman always reasonable.) Still, we shouldn’t :-))

Yesterday, I went to a book signing and found out they made a change. I could easily get disappointed but I didn’t. Instead, I took advantage of the spare time this change induced: I wandered amongst the shelves, found new titles of my fav’ thriller authors, bought Lee Child’s Die Trying (the title reflects so much my personality, but it’s not the primary reason of my purchase). I’ve read some great books by him and by now I know I’d never be disappointed. And even if my account displayed a low number ouch! I did not resist the temptation and bought it.

Then I went out in the sunny late afternoon and took a stroll along the Rhone in the very heart of Geneva and stopped by a lovely little boutique. The shop manager, a lively lady  who was so dedicated to what she was doing that I ended up talking to her for a while and we decided together to setup their Facebook page. I left the place smiling thinking ‘there’s no such a thing like getting stuck because things did not turn up as I initially thought it would’. There is ALWAYS a positive side in everything.

Have a great day, friends, even if sometime the sun is hidden behind the clouds. IT IS a great day because we all know the sun is very close, the birds are still singing cheerfully and we can accomplish plenty of useful things for others, for ourselves, for those we dearly love, even if sometimes there are last minute changes.

Lots of love,



Energy through Water – Plus d’énergie grâce à l’eau

Have you heard about the machine which removes chemicals from water & thanks to a double filter it turns water into a powerful antioxidant? Greatly appreciated and recommended by fitness clubs, beauty salons, health centers, professionals focused on human and animals well-being, breeders, you and I. You can become a distributor in this win-win network. Send me an email to
Avez-vous entendu parler de la machine qui enlève les produits chimiques de l’eau? Grâce à un double filtrage elle transforme l’eau en un puissant antioxydant. Particulièrement appréciée et recommandée par les clubs de fitness, les salons de beauté, SPAs, centre de santé, les professionnels préoccupés par le bien-être des êtres humains et des animaux, vous et moi-même. Envoyez-moi un email à
Merci à Fabiana Cifuente pour cette superbe photo

Cats café already exist. Why do you think your concept would work ?

Here we go, the fact that cats cafés are spreading is the best proof they work wonders because people love them! When we think of creating this kind of space, we definitely know there is a public for it. No reasonable person thinks their idea is universally accepted and loved. In the same way, I know my bookshop-café with adopted cats will have its public who loves cats. Plus, since it’ll be a bookshop specialized in thrillers and fantasy literature, therefore I know my customers are passionate about these genres.  Someone who loves historical literature will come once or twice for the cats, but not for my books and this is alright.

The important and motivating thing for me is that this is my way to support abandoned cats who are today in shelters. My aim is to setup a place for them to be secure and feel, day after day, that this is their forever home and they are loved as beings not as old toys nobody wants. I think, I hope, my idea, once live, will inspire other people who will think ‘well, why couldn’t I adopt one or two cats and share my working space with them?’ We all know we spend almost the same time at work as home. What’s the difference between cats and dogs who spend the entire day home alone waiting for us to come back from work? If they live in the office or the shop with us during the day, it is exactly the same thing. There are anyway some hours they spend by themselves and I can tell you they are happy to do so, just like us enjoying some moments alone. There are very modern CCTVs we can easily plug in, which let us know when there is some movement around and we are able to follow them live any time with our mobile phones with just a click.

How many of us already left for holidays and let a person who took care of our beloved pets? Lots of us, trust me ! And most of the times, no CCTV was there. And there was no reason in the world they were not happy and safe. So, why not adopting pets and offering them a happy life at our working places as well as home? Give a chance to our project and let’s get together for a cozy time with happy kitties around 🙂

Let’s make this adventure become real, all together! kitty-shape

With lots of love,