Are you ready for a scary scenario?

When you prepare a project launch…simons-at-vets

(thanks to Simon’s Cat author!)

…when you explain your project to people around you and you say you’re going to launch a crowdfunding campaign they go oh, great, that’s easy! 

As long as they are friends you love dearly you refrain from reacting in street-style by responding “no, s—t! do you want to do it and manage to keep the paranoia out of your brains?” You do your best to stay nice because you know none of them had ever done that and because you know they want to be encouraging and optimistic instead of getting some panic involved 😉 and honestly, THEY ARE SO RIGHT!! Because, in real life, this is what happens: PANIC ON BOARD!  From only thinking of it, starting planning, writing, re-writing, re-writing, bis repetita, then editing, re-editing and so on (it seems like forever changing), changing the wording, changing almost every word, and that bitch of a question which keeps on coming back into your mind and wake you up in the middle of every single night: is it the right thing to write? THIS is the worst doubt ever: is it the best way to introduce your project to people who are potentially your supporters?)

Then you go on: choose potential partners whose products are in adequacy with your project, convince them to support you, get them into gear and have them committed. Then make sure the text, re-written for the nth time, is ready for publishing, send out hundreds of emails to friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, everybody on the planet if possible, get a handful of responses if any, and finally take the plunge! At this precise moment you realize this is just a tiny part of what you initially thought it would be, in terms of time I mean! Then you do your best to stay confident and optimistic because it’s one of the hardest parts: people acting, getting involved in your project. To stay positive you meditate, practice yoga every day (well, the first two days, then every other day, then every third day and so on), try to cut down on cigarettes because you know they don’t help you too much, then you go back to your text, even once it is published, try to find out and get rid of the bug and miraculously turn it into a good compelling presentation.

That day, I was JUST talking about, the launching day, is very near and I really really really hope you’ll be by my side, sharing my project with every being within a 1,000,000 kilometre radius, contributing (of course I don’t expect you to smash your piggy bank into pieces :D) and getting that magic place with cats up and running for THIS summer!

Thank you a ton and stay tuned for the news to come! Also on our Facebook page

With lots of love, Dan


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