Cats café already exist. Why do you think your concept would work ?

Here we go, the fact that cats cafés are spreading is the best proof they work wonders because people love them! When we think of creating this kind of space, we definitely know there is a public for it. No reasonable person thinks their idea is universally accepted and loved. In the same way, I know my bookshop-café with adopted cats will have its public who loves cats. Plus, since it’ll be a bookshop specialized in thrillers and fantasy literature, therefore I know my customers are passionate about these genres.  Someone who loves historical literature will come once or twice for the cats, but not for my books and this is alright.

The important and motivating thing for me is that this is my way to support abandoned cats who are today in shelters. My aim is to setup a place for them to be secure and feel, day after day, that this is their forever home and they are loved as beings not as old toys nobody wants. I think, I hope, my idea, once live, will inspire other people who will think ‘well, why couldn’t I adopt one or two cats and share my working space with them?’ We all know we spend almost the same time at work as home. What’s the difference between cats and dogs who spend the entire day home alone waiting for us to come back from work? If they live in the office or the shop with us during the day, it is exactly the same thing. There are anyway some hours they spend by themselves and I can tell you they are happy to do so, just like us enjoying some moments alone. There are very modern CCTVs we can easily plug in, which let us know when there is some movement around and we are able to follow them live any time with our mobile phones with just a click.

How many of us already left for holidays and let a person who took care of our beloved pets? Lots of us, trust me ! And most of the times, no CCTV was there. And there was no reason in the world they were not happy and safe. So, why not adopting pets and offering them a happy life at our working places as well as home? Give a chance to our project and let’s get together for a cozy time with happy kitties around 🙂

Let’s make this adventure become real, all together! kitty-shape

With lots of love,


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