Every Change is an Opportunity

A bit disappointed by a situation which did not get the exact results you expected? Me? Never! (well, sometimes a little bit though 😉 I’m not a super woman always reasonable.) Still, we shouldn’t :-))

Yesterday, I went to a book signing and found out they made a change. I could easily get disappointed but I didn’t. Instead, I took advantage of the spare time this change induced: I wandered amongst the shelves, found new titles of my fav’ thriller authors, bought Lee Child’s Die Trying (the title reflects so much my personality, but it’s not the primary reason of my purchase). I’ve read some great books by him and by now I know I’d never be disappointed. And even if my account displayed a low number ouch! I did not resist the temptation and bought it.

Then I went out in the sunny late afternoon and took a stroll along the Rhone in the very heart of Geneva and stopped by a lovely little boutique. The shop manager, a lively lady  who was so dedicated to what she was doing that I ended up talking to her for a while and we decided together to setup their Facebook page. I left the place smiling thinking ‘there’s no such a thing like getting stuck because things did not turn up as I initially thought it would’. There is ALWAYS a positive side in everything.

Have a great day, friends, even if sometime the sun is hidden behind the clouds. IT IS a great day because we all know the sun is very close, the birds are still singing cheerfully and we can accomplish plenty of useful things for others, for ourselves, for those we dearly love, even if sometimes there are last minute changes.

Lots of love,



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