Why working spaces are invaluable and why we will have one @ Cats’ P.!.ace


In the limited living space one can have nowadays, most of the time called a flat, it’s almost impossible to take a breath and get down to work properly, without being disturbed every 5 minutes, or at the best every half an hour. I’ve tried different places in my flat, where I could, with a minimum amount of comfort, write or translate or whatever I had to do and which needed calm and … CALM! Alright, let’s not get mad at it:-)  so, as I was saying, I couldn’t find the ideal one, just like the ideal job or the ideal guy (this is even worse than for the ideal job!) or whatever ideal we are all looking for. Am I too complicated because I want an ideal something? Don’t tell me you are the same!? Because I would REALLY like to hear you saying that 😀

But let’s get back to our subject, yes this is why a working space is invaluable, it helps one to get work done and be happy at the end of the day. I wandered around our little tiny city and there is not even a mini place to sit, have a connection and be able to work, not even think of working with someone else, because there’s no such a place in here! Not even a library, in a place where we have an international school right? the second international school in France! Is it reasonable to ask for a place where students could work over half terms and holidays when the school is closed? I think it is and I think you agree with me, thanks for that 😉

I know lots of people who would hugely appreciate a quiet place where they can take their ideas, their laptops, their notes, their school papers, sip some coffee or something else and get the brainy work done. Plus, other people working around is such a motivating environment and exchanging ideas is scientifically called ‘brainstorming’ oh yeah! It sounds very professional eugh… personally I don’t find it sounds that well but anyway, it’s a nowadays buzz word so I guess you know what’s about 😉

So don’t be desperate anymore for a working space, there will be one at your disposal, as soon as we collect the funds for the rent. Once we have the necessary amount to set it up, which means about 150,000€ oops!, to find a space will be peanuts, believe me!

Let’s recap: we will have a nice and relatively big space, cats, books, coffee, tea, drinks, some nibbles to go with everything, jazzy loungy music and A WORKING SPACE. Any other idea? Don’t be shy, drop a line and your precious words will be responded to, they will not get covered in the dust of oblivion 😉

Lots of love,




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