Cats are not supposed to eat dry food!

They are NOT supposed to drink lots of water and this happens when we feed them dry food. Some people tell me their cats LOOOOVE dry food. They DON’T. They have no choice because people feed them dry food and nothing else. But if you LOVE your cats and dogs, and you are a keen observer (if you are not, don’t worry, you can become one because human beings are programmed to LEARN EVERYTHING) read further, it’s interesting!

Let me tell you what I’ve noticed over the last 6 years with one of my cats. He has a pancreatitis and used to vomit after every single meal, 6 or 7 times in a row! It’s scary and heart breaking. I took him to the vet, he had a lot of check, stayed for overnight observation and he got diagnosed. And then, the vet recommended me food they were selling. I cannot give you the name of the food, I am not strong enough to fight against the big names of pets food  ;/ , not yet, eugh… maybe never even if I would REALLY LOVE to be able to show everybody what they put in pets’ food because it is a shame, they are poisoning our pets with no limit as far as it brings them A LOT of money.

To resume, my cat, Eliott, kept on vomiting!  Fortunately, I participated to a cats’ exhibition where I presented my Bookshop-Café with Adopted Cats project during 2 days, and there I met a super company representative who found the solution for my cat: 100% natural food and 15 years research behind them. I can say they saved the life of my cat. I attended several presentation organized by the company and found out lots of things about pets. We think we know everything but in reality we don’t, so this is why I love to learn all the time.

And yes! My cat is not vomiting anymore, plus he and his other 3 brother and sisters benefit from a high high high quality food which IS NOT MORE EXPENSIVE than the one I used to buy at vets’ and in supermarkets. Since, I became their ambassador and all my customers, with no exception, trust me! no exception at all, are very happy with the effects of this natural food, with a minimum of 60% meat we, humans, eat, the same meat. Well, they are not friends with their vets anymore, but their pets are energetic, healthy, and happy. And they can choose amongst fish, chicken, shrimps, salmon, veal, and herring.

I can explain to you how good this food is for your cats, and dogs, so drop me a line, give me a call or send an email

I don’t want you to become my customers, I want you to have healthy and happy pets fed on natural and perfectly balanced food. I know some of you cook for your pets, this is awesome and lovely, but sometimes they still don’t have everything they need in their food because they don’t have the same body as humans. So, hear from you soon!

With lots of love,


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