In Love with Writing

When you are in love with writing, even if you quit for a while, you’d always get back to your first love.

Writing is a training, I don’t teach you anything new, right? You know it very well.

I don’t pretend to be a WRITER, I love writing and quitted it for a while. And about a year ago, I came across newspaper clippings I preciously kept, articles I wrote in my 20s. Some of them I love a lot make me smile after so many year, and I sometimes think ‘have I written them myself?’. It seems so long ago and I realize how rusty one can become after a long while. I’ve always loved writing, as far as I can remember. I participated in national writing competitions, then I got engulfed in daily constraints and regretably diminished little by little the time I used to take for my favourite activity.

From time to time, when I read a book I think ‘what if I start writing again?’ Writing is a therapy for lots of things.

Two years ago, I started writing again, shyly, stumbling on words which used to flow some time ago. Now, I can’t spend a whole day without it and I realize I need some time to train again. But it’s addictive, you know it too.

If you want to get back to it, write every day, no matter what, no matter how heavy-handed. You will realize you improve every day, don’t give up if you feel this is ‘your thing’. Be resilient and enjoy the day you find out how much progress you were able to make.

Remember the times you’ve learnt how to walk. How many times have you fallen? But you didn’t care, you got up again and again. And today you don’t even think you are walking all the time, you don’t think how to put a foot in front of the other, do you?

And, above all, do not listen to those who laugh at you. Believe in yourself 🙂

With love,


machine ecrire1

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