A New Way to Chill-Out


What about a chill-out place and what’s your idea of this kind of space?

It’s not easy to define “chill-out”, it’s true. I believe it is a very personal definition. It’s actually a state of mind originated from the early 90s relaxing music which spread rapidly as a cultural stream which gained a large range of fields. The idea behind this term is to reach a state of relaxation in our everyday life. Forget about a hard day, about a hard time, about worries. Just live the present moment and be happy. Have a great time with friends, share a glass, exchange ideas, listen to great jazz, read an exquisite book, and have cats around you. This is what I call to chill-out after work, over the weekend, in a quiet night, or at the end of a disappearing day.

Chill-out in the perfect and finicky place such as Cats’ P.!.ace Bookshop-Café, very soon