Writing for Social Media is not THAT insignificant


How many times have you heard ‘Hey, you have a cool job, writing for social media, just spending your time on Facebook, Twitter and so on. Why would you charge that amount if you write for me some lines every day, it’s not big deal?’ Well, IT IS a big deal and you can do it yourself if you think it is just a game 😉

And believe me or not, I heard it so many times! I don’t want to be nasty, even if some times I really feel like 😀 and I should , but I will not tell you how easy and insignificant is your work if you don’t try to do the same to me. It is hurting especially when it comes from a person you considered a friend. But well, let’s keep spirits up and write on!

Here comes a good article on it! Enjoy, guys, and let your awesome comments!