How do You feel when seeing this?

I don’t want to shock you in any way, I simply want to kindly ask you to take some time if you care about pets and animals, in general.

Some of you, who follow my posts on Facebook  profile or my Cats’ P.!.ace Bookshop-Café for Adopted Cats page know how concerned I am about pets and animals in general. Thank you, guys for following my posts! It’s very much appreciated, much more than you can imagine.

I am signing tens of petitions every week and I often receive a nice email thanking for my involvement in the fight against animal cruelty. Because, let’s face it, many people look at pages asking to sign a petition but unfortunately they think ‘well, I’ll come back later and sign’ but they never do it. Why? It’s not because they are not genuinely concerned, but because they just get entangled in everyday life, a child or old member of their family is ill, or because of the workload, emails, urgent things to do and they simply forget. I don’t blame them, because let’s be honest, I do it sometimes and being sorry is not solving the problem.

Why am I particularly sensitive to this image? I will tell you why. Unfortunately, my own dog was mistreated this way once and I felt like literally killing the person who did that. It’s such a frustrating feeling, I became mad when I saw that. So, yes, I’m personally concerned with this savage kind of behaviour. If you also believe this should be severely punished, please sign the petition and let us know what you think, how you feel about it.

And if you decide to adopt a pet, please be the kindest possible and responsible parent, feed them well, make them feel they have a family because they are so grateful every day, every second, they are the best ever beings you could meet in your life.

And thank you loads for sharing this post with all those you know genuinely love animals



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