Look Younger Instantly? Nah…

This is a magic promise! Yet, this is an illusion and many of us just want to believe it. How many times have you tried this kind of products which promised you to look younger in a wink? And how many times have you been disappointed? Well, I know… most of us want to stay young FOREVER.

I gave up on this long time ago and kept on using creams which were ruining me slowly but surely. And one day…. I have stumbled upon a cream which actually works, yes, it WORKS, not instantly, BUT IT DOES WORK. It starts showing results after 60 days. For some of us less and for others a little more. But it is realistic and the scientists who made it don’t try to take us for fools.

The condition sine qua non? Used in the morning and before going to bed, EVERY DAY. It is natural, so no need to poison our skin in the hope the next week we are going to look at least 10 years younger. I also appreciate a lot the price is affordable. A 80-gram tube is 49€ and we need a minimum of 2 tubes before we see results. The good news is IT WORKS, it really does. I tried it myself and I also saw the results on a friend who’s 60 but looked 80. She said it herself, so I’m not saying it to be nasty, I’m not a nasty person and I love helping people around me. She now looks so much better, after 3 months of regular use of the cream she combined with the drink (made by the same scientists). She used and still use both the cream and the drink (a bit salty if you want my opinion, but it works wonders!) to change from within and from outside. From within she is much more energetic, and so am I. From outside, she got rid of lots of her wrinkles and I got rid of mine.

Our advice: take a picture of yourself before you start using the cream. Take another one once you finished the first tube, and another one after the second one. You will quickly get used to your new fresh look. Then, please be so wonderful and compare the pictures and let us know how happy you feel 🙂

You can order on this page http://catsplace.myasealive.com/newsite/products/Renu28.aspx

I trust you’ll have a try and get back to me with a big smile on your face. And if you want to send us pictures of you before and after, it would be more than lovely of you

With lots of love,


A 9 to 5 Person

Nothing wrong with this, but she was not one of this kind of person. She was a passionate being, up to challenges all the time, like a warrior who sleeps dressed ready to go at the first call. And this is why she was still by herself, for the amazement of many of her friends.  She was in her forties but feeling as if she were at the beginning of her life. This is why she was attracted by younger ambitious men who wanted more from their lives. She realized very quickly men in her age became too quickly too laid back, and she couldn’t see herself with a champion of the tv-beer-couch team.

He was standing in front of her in amazement ready to promise her the moon. She knew there were 99% chances he would give up much earlier than he imagined himself. During the last 8 years the story kept on repeating and she had lost any patience in this area of her life. This is why she decided to tell each of them at the very beginning that No, she was not a 9 to 5 person. They all, one after another, agreed on this at the beginning and yes, she realized they were ready to agree with anything to get her in their bed. Fair enough, because she knew it.

She also knew none of them was more resistant than another; none of them would be so patient, in any case no more than one month, this was the very best they could do. So, she decided not to bother anymore. She just enjoyed her busy life, very hectic though and was dreaming of a guy with the same crazy schedule as hers. She could not understand why some human beings felt like clinging to each other all the time. And now, he was standing there staring at her. She had seen him before, found him attractive, but felt something was missing in the equation therefore she knew he was not quite her type. She learnt to detect them in a wink and even if she knew he did not correspond for several reasons, not only because of her crazy working time, she decided to give him a chance. Everything went nicely for about one month and a half then he lost patience and a first quiet fight burst out. Reproaches flew away, he told her she was not doing any effort, she retorted she had warned him they could see her working time changing with very short notice and she couldn’t do anything about that: the usual nasty discussion going straight to the end point. Not only was she a very active woman, she also needed to get to the pay day graciously. Still, she knew she had made some efforts, and this is why she got things piling up on her to-do list. Then she started to take her time back to get things sorted out  and his discontent started growing up. She had, once more, feelings of frustration invading her, because the story just kept on repeating and she could do nothing about it, nothing at all. She had the confirmation a 9 to 5 man is unable to understand a round-the-clock woman, and she guessed the other way round was also true. End of the story…

What’s your story? Let us know, with a comment, a line, ten lines or even more. Have any of you found a solution to a similar situation? We would all love to hear from you.

With love,



Looking for loving parents for 3 kitties– Nous cherchons des parents aimants pour 3 chats

Dans le Pays de Gex nous sommes nombreux à aimer les chats

Contactez-moi pour l’adoption d’un de trois chats qui cherchent une famille 🙂

Un petit chat tricolore cherche des parents aimants. Les parents actuels sont très tristes de devoir s’en séparer à cause d’une allergie qui malheureusement évolue rapidement.

Et encore :

2 chatons à adopter, 1 mâle roux&blanc et 1 femelle tricolore. Nés le 13 mai 2016, disponibles dès le mois d’août. 

Elevés dans un climat familial, très sociables.  Nous les remettons vaccinés et demandons 110.- pour financer les frais du premier vaccin.

Un rappel sera nécessaire auprès de votre vétérinaire courant septembre (env. 110.-) et puis 1 vaccin annuel (env. 110.-) par la suite.

Contact pour informations et visites à 1302 Vufflens-la-Ville :Fanny.DeVosAeschlimann@gmail.com ou 079 773 36 76

Mille mercis à vous tous!



Never call me Sugar again

The cause No 1 of mortality: SUGAR 

And this is not only for human beings, but also for our pets. It is extremely important to give them healthy food. We really need to take advantage of a great company which was set up 15 years ago and continuously improves the food they prepare for pets. I was introduced to their products some months ago, and it completely changed my and my pets’ life. I am today working with them. Since then, all my customers and I became friends. We all prove our love to our cats and dogs through natural and healthy food. The vet who followed my cats is a very lovely person, but now I am not visiting her anymore. One of my cats has pancreatitis and since he’s been eating this food, I have no reason to take him to the vet’s. The great thing is that it is not more expensive than the food I used to buy in supermarkets or at the vet’s.

Contact me @ danielaagres@yahoo.co.uk and give a chance to your pets to become healthier and much more energetic.

With love,


Love ‘n’ Practice

Don’t look over my shoulder, I’ve just started to write… what’s that huge smile spreading on your face when you only read the title? Eugh… no, it’s not something about sex or stuff like that. It’s about what each of us has as a passion, like writing, drawing, taking care of people, helping the little ones next door with their homework when they come and ask you for help, and so on. Each one of these hobbies can potentially turn into an everyday activity and maybe even enable us to make a living out of it. Maybe your passion is about pets and animals protection.But we first need to know WHAT THIS PASSION IS.

And no, it’s not a tutorial about how to do it. Just think of something you REALLY love to do. Deep inside we all know what we love most.

Something which wakes us up in the morning, full of energy and enthusiasm, makes us rush into the bathroom and give a big smile in the mirror (you never know, it might be the only smile of the day if you have no intention to go out, so we better give ourselves a large awesome smile as soon as we are in front of a mirror!), have breakfast and jump straight on the notebook or computer to write a line, a page, a chapter… on the yoga mat and PRACTICE. Well, yes, we all do that if we want to improve.

Just loving something is not enough to make of us super stars. We need practice. One day an ex told me “we need to practice to be perfect together” Sorry, I said there is nothing sexual in this, and it isn’t! I close the parenthesis.

We don’t have time to practice? Of course WE DO! How many times we said or thought we haven’t time to do a thing and because we loved that thing so much we found the time to do it? I don’t expect you to agree with you, but to acknowledge silently 😉

Alright, so what are we up to today, tomorrow, the whole week, month, year?

With lots of love,


Le sport après 40 ans avec ASEA

L’entraînement est parfait s’il est combiné avec nos produits ASEA http://catsplace.myasealive.com/newsite/products/Asea.aspx

Avec l’âge, notre corps subit des changements majeures et la régénération de cellules prend beaucoup plus de temps. Comment faire pour rester jeune beaucoup plus longtemps? http://catsplace.myasealive.com/newsite/science/RedoxSignaling.aspx 

Un programme d’entraînement adapté https://www.complementsetproteines.com/programme-musculation/895-reprendre-le-sport-a-40-ans.html

La boisson ASEA est IDEALE pour les sportifs professionnels mais aussi pour les sportifs “modérés”: plus d’énergie gagnée de manière naturelle, le temps de récupération est bien plus court, nous sommes bien plus performants!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDR_RDUBeQM&list=PLlLG7Ua35awg4Xfw3EovYVaVX27yR7cre