Love ‘n’ Practice

Don’t look over my shoulder, I’ve just started to write… what’s that huge smile spreading on your face when you only read the title? Eugh… no, it’s not something about sex or stuff like that. It’s about what each of us has as a passion, like writing, drawing, taking care of people, helping the little ones next door with their homework when they come and ask you for help, and so on. Each one of these hobbies can potentially turn into an everyday activity and maybe even enable us to make a living out of it. Maybe your passion is about pets and animals protection.But we first need to know WHAT THIS PASSION IS.

And no, it’s not a tutorial about how to do it. Just think of something you REALLY love to do. Deep inside we all know what we love most.

Something which wakes us up in the morning, full of energy and enthusiasm, makes us rush into the bathroom and give a big smile in the mirror (you never know, it might be the only smile of the day if you have no intention to go out, so we better give ourselves a large awesome smile as soon as we are in front of a mirror!), have breakfast and jump straight on the notebook or computer to write a line, a page, a chapter… on the yoga mat and PRACTICE. Well, yes, we all do that if we want to improve.

Just loving something is not enough to make of us super stars. We need practice. One day an ex told me “we need to practice to be perfect together” Sorry, I said there is nothing sexual in this, and it isn’t! I close the parenthesis.

We don’t have time to practice? Of course WE DO! How many times we said or thought we haven’t time to do a thing and because we loved that thing so much we found the time to do it? I don’t expect you to agree with you, but to acknowledge silently 😉

Alright, so what are we up to today, tomorrow, the whole week, month, year?

With lots of love,


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