Be the Change !

How awesome creative people are. When reading about exceptional minds I keep being optimistic about the Earth and conscientiousness’ of alike people and about the heritage we strive to leave to our children. I would be thrilled to see more and more people become aware of the overwhelming importance of protecting our wonderful Planet. Still, the leaders of this way of thinking are so precious and I am grateful to them.

Let’s be part of the growing team of people who do care about the environment and the human beings and reverse the trend of those who think Earth belongs to us. Let’s not just be spectators, we need to join this little team and change the world, little by little. It will not be done neither in one day, nor one year, let’s make a step after another and watch the progress.

When I started getting involved in animals and environment protection through everyday little actions, through petitions signing, or just only telling people around me about the importance of becoming aware of the responsibility we have and the fact we don’t own the Earth but are here to protect it, I haven’t noticed immediate results. Then, I started receiving positive responses about how a campaign became successful and improvements started to show, and I felt awesome. It’s like a seed we plant and need to be patient before looking the tree grow. Be passionate about change, keep your mind searching for good things, for little ideas which will make things happen. Keep believing and take action. Focus and make another step, focus and never give up. Spread the word every day! Find the engine of your life and make it grow. Perseverance is the Key!

Have a lovely end of the week.

With love,


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