Ms Lucky @ the Airport

Some days ago, I drove a friend to the airport. But, have I told you about my friend, the one who find herself in funny situation more often, much more often than any other person I know? Let’s call her Ms Lucky, because she actually IS lucky. She manages to get into crazy situations, it seems to me she’s always in the good (from my point of you, not so good from pessimistic people point of view!) place at the right moment. She knows lots of people, good and not so good, talk easily with those around her, bumps into original beings and gets enriching experiences ALL THE TIME. And this is how her life is very rich, she’s never bored and has always a story to tell. Someone told her the other day that she’s having a very adventurous life. I am sure she quite likes it, I would if I were in her shoes!

So, the other day I drove her to the airport, very early in the morning, heading to the queue to drop her luggage before going to the gate. Lots and lots of people around there: school holidays always take people to airports. We expected people to be in good mood, happy to escape to wonderful places for a well-deserved good time, endorphined (is that a real adjective? Not sure :D) at the idea of spending exciting moments of freedom. But this is her and my point of view. Some people just see everything as a source of stress. So, off we went, happily dragging her luggage around, in the busy place, to find the right queue after having tried several times to check-in at the machines. Check-in machines are a good invention, very useful for patient people and a pain for those who lose it in a fraction of a second and literally get nuts.

We were talking along while waiting patiently to get to the desk and felt the electricity growing in the air. All of a sudden, some people got very nervous and started fighting. Yes, they started fighting in the airport, in the queue, because someone jumped the queue. A woman, almost in front of the desk, a genuine chatterbox, I would call her a trouble maker, started telling off the “jumper” irritating everyone around her. You know, the kind of person who has the talent (is that a talent??) to get angry the most calm being on the planet. The man, the “jumper”, was late, on the point to see his time expired and left behind with his daughter, kept his mouth shut for a good while. Then, all of a sudden he turned around and pushed the chatterbox, exasperated by her useless ceaseless talk. She fell back, faking a fainting. Police came, immobilized the “jumper” and the chaos seemed to be just round the corner. My friend and I were looking at each other in amazement, wondering: are these people serious or what? Is that the way they were starting their holidays? Were we surrounded by civilized people? We just shrugged and kept on talking. Not our business, not anybody’s business, really. This has never happened to me so far, but Ms Lucky was there, so things happened, as usual…

Have you had funny experiences in airports so far? Let us know!