Ms Lucky & the Flying Pony!

We have to admit we all heard at least once in our life You’ll get it when pigs fly! But we never heard about a flying Pony, right? Yet, Ms Lucky HAS SEEN one! She hasn’t dreamt she really saw one. As a passionate traveler, Ms Lucky flies all over the world and she makes unexpected encounters. One morning she takes her trolley, carefully packed the night before, no more no less than what she needed, and rushes down the stairs when she hears the taxi man impatiently honking in front of her building. It is only 5 in the morning though and she’s a nice and civilized neighbour. Some of her neighbours are not, but she heard all along her childhood: do not disturb people around you, and she can still hear this ringing in her head. Maybe she should change her head, she thought one night when her neighbours got too excited about a football match. But anyway, she takes the taxi, bangs the taxi in a hurry and hears the taxi driver mumbling a intelligible thing. She only deciphers something about the taxi door, so as she thinks she hasn’t closed the door properly, opens it again and bangs it louder. She gets a bad look from the driver and realizes he is complaining about her closing it too hard. She gives a little interior laugh and leaves the driver alone. She doesn’t feel like apologizing: well done for his honking at 5 AM! The sun is just rising and she admires the beauty of it with a long satisfied sigh, feeling happy, grateful and so lucky for being able to enjoy life. Do not imagine her life has always been wonderful, but she knows every single good second deserves to be relished.

The streets are empty and the ride is short. How lucky she is to live not far from the airport! She pays the taxi fare and tip makes wonders: the driver smiles and wishes her a good flight. I am sure it will, thank you!

She happily rolls her trolley, gets straight to the gate, gets on the plane, and takes a seat. She sits as comfy as she can and opens her brand new thriller, very excited to spend the following five hours reading.

Suddenly, an unexpected noise startles her: a slight whinny, next to her ear: is she dreaming? She reads again the last paragraph expecting to find something linked to a horse: nothing… Has anybody put drugs in her coffee this morning? But who? She has been by herself the whole morning and, anyway, her flat was a nice fortress people couldn’t access that easy. So she turns her head in the direction of the sound and here comes…. Here comes… she couldn’t believe her eyes: HERE COMES A PONY! Oh, my life! she exclaims in utter amazement. Is she still in a dream, in one of her awkward dreams? Well, not at all, she is on the plane and there is a pony on board. She asks the stewardess how comes a pony coulc board and finds out, for her greatest surprise ever, a pony can board as an “emotional support animal”. THIS is a surprise, indeed!

Ms Lucky smiles, gives a wink to the pony (she adores animals, just like me) and goes on reading: she definitely wouldn’t choose a regular life 😉

(Thanks for the Pinterest photo)

Read soon a new story about Ms Lucky!



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