Ms Lucky is Sun Bathing

In the park, very proud of her new bathing suit and her extra couple of kilos (well, yes! And what? Any of us has at least extra 298 grams NOT at the precise place they would like to? If you don’t, congrats!! You kept on exercising the whole year ;-)), Ms Lucky hasn’t and she looks around to make sure nobody will disturb her quiet afternoon of sunbathing and reading. She loves reading so much that she reads while walking and this is how she almost bumped into one of the most beloved writer of the XXth and XXIst centuries. But this is another story TO COME! 😉

Sooo, she spreads the blanket matching her bathing suit (she can’t help it!), gets her book out of her bag, her sun glasses (to look incognito! Well, in her imagination, since she knows lots of people everywhere), lies down, opens her book and…. she is suddenly struck by a desperate shriek “stop! Stop right now! You’re not allowed!!!” she has not the time to turn her head in the direction where the kill-the-calm voice has started and a huge white dog lands next to her and grasp her brand new book with his bright teeth.

She starts fighting for her book without realizing the dog was taking it for a game. In less than 10 seconds, the book is completely tattered. Ms Lucky feels tears running down her cheeks, furious and helpless. The dog looks at her happily and she cannot blame him: he just wanted to play. A charming-to-death man, with big green eyes and a super-star smile approaches breathing heavily from the very end of the park and he is so embarrassed by his dog’s behaviour he cannot find the appropriate words to apologize. Plus he can see her crying and this makes him even more uncomfortable. She looks at him and cannot believe her eyes: he is EXACTLY the man she has been dreaming of for a long while. Yet, she is not going to show him this and is waiting for him to apologize. But he’s not, actually! Her bellicose attitude toward him takes away any wish to tell her how sorry he is. Instead, he almost tells her off because of the colour of her blanket. YES! It is his dog’s favourite colour, the colour which gets him excited. She looks straight in his eyes and tells him to disappear before she tears his eyes out. They almost start fighting and fortunately here I am… dropping my bag in amazement.

I know the guy, I know him quite well… She also knows me and he leaves without a word. I sit on Ms Lucky’s orange blanket and get out of my bag the twin of her torn novel scatered on the grass all around the orange blanket. Ms Lucky looks at the book wide-eyed and starts laughing: ça alors…. too many hasards for today