Ms Lucky and the Forever Grumpy Lady

Ms Lucky was a journalist sometimes ago and she is still in love with words and writing. She started a blog and a Facebook page. Actually she has quite a lot of fans. They are all nice, love writing comments to her posts, ask for advice (because one of her great findings is about great food for pets, post nice things on her page, well…. as usual, as many of you know.

Yet, there is one lady, fortunately she’s not commenting very often! and she’s always but ALWAYS grumpy and sticks to the negative way of looking at life. Ms Lucky used to try and respond her grumpiness with humour or simply ignore her. But the lady kept on writing negative comments, because I believe she couldn’t help it, she saw everything through smoky lenses even if the sun was brightest as ever. The person we can also call “the empty-half-of-the-glass person”. I personally feel sorry for this kind of individual because they are utterly unhappy all the time.

Ms Lucky and myself often discussed about how to help in this case and the response so far is “WE CANNOT”. The explanation is basic: one cannot help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves, one cannot force good feelings into a totally negative person who comforts themselves into being negative. You know, it’s like people who are proud, yes, very proud of an imaginary illness or a real one (this is unfortunate though), it’s like their patented brand, they could not exist without it. Some people are proud of their ability to calculate rapidly, others are proud of their difference even if this difference is a negative thing. They just cannot help it because this gives them the false legitimacy to complain ALL THE TIME about EVERYTHING.

Ms Lucky is very patient and sometimes I am wondering how she can be so nice with some people. But sometimes she’s not, which is very rare I have to admit, then she is a bit ironical and grumpy people feel offended assuming they CAN be un-nice but not the others. She always tries to give example of situations which really deserve attention and tries to show how gratefulness can help us keep things in perspective and out of negativity.

And this is the case with Grumpy Lady.

How do YOU cope with this kind of people? We would LOVE to read your point of view, your experiences and comments.

With love,


…P.S. Many thanks to Pinterest for the image !