I Bet You Love Your Pet


Have you known the industrial food some people feed their pets contains a high percentage of cereals and ONLY 4 % meat coming from dead animals with dubious provenance, animals who have eaten substances used for experiences made in pharmaceutical laboratories? And let’s not talk about poisonous ingredients such as chemically obtained flavours. What does this mean? This means some people involuntary literally poison their pets. We all know by now cereals added to most of the food nowadays are TOXIC.

Yet, natural and healthy food for pets EXISTS and surprisingly it is NOT MORE EXPENSIVE. I personally calculated the average price per portion of food and the result is 40 cents! Whereas, when you feed your pets industrial food worth 1€, you actually feed them for 40 cents of poisonous food because the commercial margin is 60%. Plus our poor pets need to eat much more than normal because the food we find in supermarkets and at vets’ (let’s face it: the brands sold by both are the same, only the packaging and some wording are changing) is not designed to provide them with the necessary healthy nutriments they need.

All the people I advised so far care about their pets and definitely prefer to see them in good health. They recognize the qualities of natural food prepared with at least 50% of meat (the same we eat!), vegetables grown for human consumption, and this can be proved: all the ingredients are clearly indicated on the packaging.

Also, you can recommend it to your own friends and colleagues and become a distributor of good food, health and happiness for pets.

Breeders are also more than welcome to get in touch. Imagine bringing up pups and kittens full of energy, in perfect healthy condition. Their adopters will see the vet only for vaccine.

Drop me a line to find out more @ danielaagres@yahoo.co.uk OR comment under the article and I can contact you.

Take care of your pets, they deserve it and YOU deserve it!


Dan Agres-Eloy