It’s been a while I am wondering why nowadays children communicate through screams. This is not a scientific paper, nothing to do with something like this. Nor is this intolerance, but simple observation and stupefaction.

What made me wish writing about this topic is the unbelievable increase in this behaviour I’ve noticed all around me. Everywhere really: in the street, at the supermarket, on the bus, at the train station, in trains, planes, neighbouring balconies, am I forgetting other places, definitely I do. The worst thing is parents seem impermeable to their offsprings screaming attitude. And THIS is very annoying. Some (if I say most, is it too harsh? I would LOVE to be like this) parents don’t even attempt to provide any kind of education, they just let their children scream with no consideration for people around them. I am not talking about babies, right? Simply about children who are in age to understand and express themselves in a human way: talking calmly. We can speak in an educated manner even if we are angry, or unhappy.

The other day, at about 10 pm, I was reading, comfortably installed in an armchair. All of a sudden, a shriek tore the calm into pieces and I really thought someone was killing a child. I dropped my book and got ready to save the poor child. Jumped in my sneakers and to my utter dismay I heard a man laughing and the child laughing as well. Then everything stopped, as quickly as it arrived. I sat down again, with a sigh, hoping for the best, meaning it would not start again.

No way, the girl, it was a 12-year old girl, started screaming again, this time without stopping. Grudgingly I decided to go and see what was wrong with those people. I say grudgingly because somehow I knew there was going to be a lost battle.

I went outside and, after saying Hello (trying to be cool and polite), I asked the adult if there was any problem which made the young girl screaming her head off. He  stared blankly at me and responded insolently “wha’? it’s weekend, we have the right to decompress. If you are not happy you can call the police.” “Decompress?? Call the police?”. “Yes”, he snapped back. Just felt like a powerful anger got a grip of me, but kept my cool. I was not going to play his game. I tried to explain to him that screaming is not a mean of decompression, not at all, especially in a place here other people were living, and that police’s role is not to educate anyone. After a 15-minute discussion he admitted I was kind of right, but he still felt entitled to behave freely. FREELY! How comes some can feel free to behave this way and other people cannot feel free to enjoy a calm atmosphere amongst other human beings, if any? They ended up leaving.

Is it me or Education is now on the list of endangered species?



Si les gendarmes étaient des Supermen…

Un cri perçant qui te donne la chair de poule, en plein milieu d’un après-midi hyper tranquille lorsqu’elle était plongée au milieu de l’action d’un thriller trépidant ‘au secouuuuurs !!!’ est-ce vrai où je suis toujours au passage du kidnapping de la femme qui sortait du pressing ? se demande-t-elle en levant les yeux scotchés sur les pages.

Mais la demande urgente et désespérée se réitère avec encore plus de force, encore plus sinistre. Je regarde par la fenêtre, mais comme c’est en pleine journée aucune fenêtre allumée ne me donne le moindre indice d’où le hurlement pourrait venir. Des cris successifs : une voix grave, une voix aiguë, encore la voix grave et menaçante, encore la voix aiguë et effrayée et ainsi de suite. Des personnes alertées sortent leurs têtes par les fenêtres dans l’immeuble voisin en regardant vers les étages supérieurs. Nos regards se croisent à distance, enfin… plutôt les mouvements des têtes indiquent la même inquiétude. Mais ils restent tous accrochés à leurs fenêtres et je sais pertinemment que personne ne bougera le petit doigt. Je prends mon téléphone pour composer le numéro de la gendarmerie. Mais les hurlements cessent. Qu’est-ce que je fais ? Il l’a achevée ou c’est seulement le calme avant une nouvelle tempête, encore plus violente? Si j’appelle et qu’il n’y a plus rien, j’aurai le droit aux commentaires : ‘la dernière fois vous nous avez appelé et il n’y avait rien à notre arrivée. » et là je sais que je ne pourrai pas retenir et leur répondrai « oui, bien sûr, si vous arrivez de nouveau trois heures plus tard, c’est évident qu’il n’y aura plus rien, à moins que cette fois-ci elle sera déjà de l’autre monde… » Pourtant la gendarmerie est à 5 minutes en voiture ! La tempête est finie, apparemment.

Et si elle est vraiment en danger et que personne n’intervient ? Je me décide et j’appelle et là « le centre d’appel et blabla et blabla j’aurai pour 10 minutes d’attente et d’écoute en boucle du message impersonnel et froid à l’autre bout du fil. Je sais bien qu’ils ne sont pas de supermen… quel dommage, j’aimerais trop les voir arriver sur leurs chevaux blancs….

C’est bon, je ne suis pas dans un livre. Enfin, ils répondent, ils se déplacent, ils sont là, mais je ne sais pas à quel endroit précis la bagarre a eu lieu. Ils ont l’air agacés car il n’y a plus un seul bruit. Ils décident de rentrer dans l’immeuble à côté et se renseigner auprès des voisins. Je reprends mon livre et me demande si… Si quoi ? Si les gendarmes sont ou ne sont pas des supermen ?…

Déjà, Superman est toujours au singulier, c’est comme Père Noël !

One of the Most Expensive Shrugs

Some people just imagine a shrug is just a shrug. Well, most of the time IT IS, but sometimes is much more than this and can be very expensive.

Imagine you are at the check-in at the airport and you forgot to pay for your luggage or it is too heavy according to rules in place. And you are asked to pay for it or your bag will not follow you to your destination. What if you cannot just shrug and go away from your luggage in the middle of a crowded airport? Well, indifference is a very intelligent reaction when you chose to ignore a rude person, shrug and follow your path. But it becomes an issue when you get angry and decide you don’t want to pay for your luggage. You are not allowed to leave it in the middle of the place and run away to catch your plane. The thing is you will not run by yourself, you will create panic and no way you can get through the security, passport control and so on. You create chaos, a huge waste of time and means. And by the end you get caught and the fee is overwhelmingly high. So, you better prepare your travel, weigh your luggage –nowadays everybody have a scale home, right?-, pay for it or just leave it home.

The other day, someone arrived late at the check-in and a part from getting angry at the customer agent (maybe they expected her to give a ring in the morning to kindly remind them they need to arrive in time at the airport, get them delivered steaming croissants and coffee?), at the people in the queue, basically at every being who stood between them and the scheduled plane, and… on top of this they refused to pay for their extra luggage. So they decided to abandon it, in the middle of the airport, ignoring the fact airport security is very efficient. The result: everybody has been withdrawn from the area because the security couldn’t take the risk for a piece of luggage left behind. Many people missed their flights, work stopped and a complex procedure has been set up. But all this has been taken very seriously and ended with a very high fee. I couldn’t blame them.

We only need to be organized, because this is a very typical situation when a shrug is not enough. A plane is not a taxi, nor will you be allowed to disrupt flights schedules. So, better think twice or pay for a private jet, the fee will be much cheaper than an abandoned bag.

So, have a nice flight and think of others because you wouldn’t like this happens to you.

Love from Dan

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