Logitech safe & fun!


You are ready for holidays and found a last-minute lovely person who offered to take care of your pets, your house, your plants, your mail, your everything. But s/he is not spending 24/24 and 7/7 attached to the entrance door, right? I am not saying someone is round the corner waiting for you to ignite your car engine, your head hardly getting level amongst the mountain of luggage, surf, bikes, diving goggles, tent, plus the pram for the little one! and break into your house. But, let’s be realistic: most of houses are broken in during the holidays. And yes, we are all paying all sorts of insurance which require or not cameras. But how many burglars have been caught so far, with no evidence, or even with a camera we need to be back home to check it? Next to zero!

I also know not so many of us keep under the mattress a million dollars/euros/pounds/so on…. or a Klimt, or a Picasso, or… but we all have items we love dearly even if they don’t have an overwhelming value: they are irreplaceable for us, for trillion reasons.

I personally spent tens of hours to collect design stuff for my flat, I wouldn’t be able to sell, but I want them there, safe, in the places I chose to put them. Any insurance in the world couldn’t get them back. So, yeah! I bought a camera, a small, white, modern, clever little camera I can check every now and then from the other side of the Planet provided I have a connection. And I can even talk from the other half of the Planet, if someone enters the house I can just tell them “Hi, you are welcome to leave the house if you’re not invited”. This would be fun, right?

And to avoid recording for nothing, it starts recording as soon as there is movement in the room. At the end of the day you can watch a résumé of the day and data is available 24 hours then it is automatically erased.

The best thing is I established a partnership with Logitech and you and your friends (you will be so lovely and talk to about it) can benefit from 20% off on the official price.

Buy it now for CHF183.20 instead of 229. Have a look on the official website to find out about all technical features you want to know and send me an email to order and benefit from the discount. Please put in the subject line: Logitech camera -20%.

You can also give me a ring +33 6 74 05 1664

P.S. This is fantastic for those who have pets: you’ll get the best films ever with your darlings when they are home alone!


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