One of the Most Expensive Shrugs

Some people just imagine a shrug is just a shrug. Well, most of the time IT IS, but sometimes is much more than this and can be very expensive.

Imagine you are at the check-in at the airport and you forgot to pay for your luggage or it is too heavy according to rules in place. And you are asked to pay for it or your bag will not follow you to your destination. What if you cannot just shrug and go away from your luggage in the middle of a crowded airport? Well, indifference is a very intelligent reaction when you chose to ignore a rude person, shrug and follow your path. But it becomes an issue when you get angry and decide you don’t want to pay for your luggage. You are not allowed to leave it in the middle of the place and run away to catch your plane. The thing is you will not run by yourself, you will create panic and no way you can get through the security, passport control and so on. You create chaos, a huge waste of time and means. And by the end you get caught and the fee is overwhelmingly high. So, you better prepare your travel, weigh your luggage –nowadays everybody have a scale home, right?-, pay for it or just leave it home.

The other day, someone arrived late at the check-in and a part from getting angry at the customer agent (maybe they expected her to give a ring in the morning to kindly remind them they need to arrive in time at the airport, get them delivered steaming croissants and coffee?), at the people in the queue, basically at every being who stood between them and the scheduled plane, and… on top of this they refused to pay for their extra luggage. So they decided to abandon it, in the middle of the airport, ignoring the fact airport security is very efficient. The result: everybody has been withdrawn from the area because the security couldn’t take the risk for a piece of luggage left behind. Many people missed their flights, work stopped and a complex procedure has been set up. But all this has been taken very seriously and ended with a very high fee. I couldn’t blame them.

We only need to be organized, because this is a very typical situation when a shrug is not enough. A plane is not a taxi, nor will you be allowed to disrupt flights schedules. So, better think twice or pay for a private jet, the fee will be much cheaper than an abandoned bag.

So, have a nice flight and think of others because you wouldn’t like this happens to you.

Love from Dan

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