It’s been a while I am wondering why nowadays children communicate through screams. This is not a scientific paper, nothing to do with something like this. Nor is this intolerance, but simple observation and stupefaction.

What made me wish writing about this topic is the unbelievable increase in this behaviour I’ve noticed all around me. Everywhere really: in the street, at the supermarket, on the bus, at the train station, in trains, planes, neighbouring balconies, am I forgetting other places, definitely I do. The worst thing is parents seem impermeable to their offsprings screaming attitude. And THIS is very annoying. Some (if I say most, is it too harsh? I would LOVE to be like this) parents don’t even attempt to provide any kind of education, they just let their children scream with no consideration for people around them. I am not talking about babies, right? Simply about children who are in age to understand and express themselves in a human way: talking calmly. We can speak in an educated manner even if we are angry, or unhappy.

The other day, at about 10 pm, I was reading, comfortably installed in an armchair. All of a sudden, a shriek tore the calm into pieces and I really thought someone was killing a child. I dropped my book and got ready to save the poor child. Jumped in my sneakers and to my utter dismay I heard a man laughing and the child laughing as well. Then everything stopped, as quickly as it arrived. I sat down again, with a sigh, hoping for the best, meaning it would not start again.

No way, the girl, it was a 12-year old girl, started screaming again, this time without stopping. Grudgingly I decided to go and see what was wrong with those people. I say grudgingly because somehow I knew there was going to be a lost battle.

I went outside and, after saying Hello (trying to be cool and polite), I asked the adult if there was any problem which made the young girl screaming her head off. He  stared blankly at me and responded insolently “wha’? it’s weekend, we have the right to decompress. If you are not happy you can call the police.” “Decompress?? Call the police?”. “Yes”, he snapped back. Just felt like a powerful anger got a grip of me, but kept my cool. I was not going to play his game. I tried to explain to him that screaming is not a mean of decompression, not at all, especially in a place here other people were living, and that police’s role is not to educate anyone. After a 15-minute discussion he admitted I was kind of right, but he still felt entitled to behave freely. FREELY! How comes some can feel free to behave this way and other people cannot feel free to enjoy a calm atmosphere amongst other human beings, if any? They ended up leaving.

Is it me or Education is now on the list of endangered species?



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