Is Writing Always Reflecting Our State of Mind?

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Or does fiction stick to fiction whatever the author’s mood?

We are not all the same, fortunately so! Some are cheerful, others optimistic, others melancholic, others forever sad, and so on. We will all pick up an idea which would reflect our spirits of the day or the moment. I believe the tone of our story tells lots of things about our own personality, at a definite moment of our lives. Yet, some of us master the art of hiding feelings which take possession of us as a sum of very diverse parameters which make up a moment of our life. This is how some readers ask themselves “how this guy can be so positive all the time?” or “what’s so sad in their life to make them so mournful?”

At the same time, some people are born to always focus on the bright side of their life. And this has nothing to do with having a magic wand hidden under the pillow. It is a state of mind, natural or created through daily training.

Some many years ago, after years of my mother’s eternal whining, I was almost persuaded of the existence of destiny. Then, yoga and meditation so fortunately came into my life and every time I hear someone saying with a resigned voice “this is my destiny, I cannot fight against it…” I feel the urge to respond “Bullshit, you keep on creating the same state of mind because it is your comfort zone. But this is bullshit!” Sometimes I just say it, depending on how well I know the person. But very few are ready to change their way of thinking into a positive one. Recently, I’ve met a writer I like very much and we spent some time talking. Despite her constantly hilarious style, I’ve noticed throughout our discussion, her life was not THAT hilarious every single day, sometimes not at all.

Another time, I talked to another writer who argued his writing was based on his mood only. Or, his writing has always been coherent: same tone, same degree of implication. Does this mean his mood is always the same? Is it possible or awkward?

Is Your writing reflecting your mood of the moment when you write or are you writing only during a specific type of mood?

Thank you for letting us know if you choose to write in any mood or a specific moment of the day (or night).

With love,


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