Shelters feel threatened by cat cafés?

Are cat cafes good for cats? They certainly are but…

old shelters seem scared of cat cafés. Isn’t it linked to grants they get, rather than genuine concern about cats’ wellbeing? By now, abandoned cats have outnumbered shelters’ capacities all over  the world. Everybody who really cares of pets knows it.

Are people in charge with shelters desperate at that point to see their funds diminishing therefore they try to convince us cats are happy in there?

Things change over time and old-fashioned institutions have to admit their dusty ways are obsolete. Either they come with new ideas, or they are doomed by their own single-mindedness.

I have personally visited several cat cafés since I’ve started to think of Cats’ P.!.ayce project and I can definitely say cats ARE happy in there. In London, Berlin, Lyon, all the cats looked far better than those I can see every year in shelters.

I would love to hear your oppinion

With love,



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