Ms Lucky Fussy??Nah! Just different standards


Have you ever happened to be eating during a small break, while wearing a uniform clearly indicating you work for a neighbouring company? This has happened to Ms Lucky and she asked me if I was thinking she was a fussy person. And she’s not, trust me.

She started telling me how many times she was having a sandwich during a short break and a person totally disrespectful asked her questions while she was literally chewing her food. She looked at the person, helpless and obviously annoyed. The woman kept talking to her expecting a response. But Ms Lucky is really very patient. I think I would have simply ignored the woman and let her talk until she realized how ridiculous she looked. She swallowed the piece of her sandwhich and answered the question though.

I am wondering: what if we really lived in a world of appalling lack of consideration for the other? I would personally have no idea to bother a person while they are eating only because they wear a uniform. There must definitely be many other colleagues who are able to answer a question. Fussy? Nah, just different standards 😉




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