The Places Where People Show Their Real Face


What place would you describe as a gold-mine for story telling?

Personally, I find railway stations and airports as some of the most inspiring places for stories to be told. Well, someone who loves writing would find something interesting to write about in any place, but some places are more inspiring than others.

The rush in railway stations and airports get a good observer to figure out some features of people. Some, even in a hurry or on the brink of missing their train or plane, keep cool and courteous and one REALLY feels like doing their best to help them. While others, you better don’t cross your path with.

Those you wouldn’t want to meet with are everyday people, of all ages, gender, working fields and cover couples, single mums, single dads, families. Whatever you do to help them because they arrived terribly late and don’t have what it takes to enable them to get on the plane or a train, they will shout at you. And the more you want to help, the less they cooperate. They don’t have the papers they need, they shout. They had no patience to get their boarding passes on the machines (very easy to use, believe me, everything is written on the screen. By the way, I will release a presentation called “how to use passenger-friendly machines”) they go to the helpdesk shouting. They haven’t paid for their luggage, they shout. And they don’t shout only at you but also at their children who, in turn start crying and they are right poor kids! But for politeness’ sake, if they don’t read what they buy is that helpdesk agents’ fault?? If they woke up late, hadn’t time for coffee and their car broke down, or the motorway was crowded, or the bus was late, or there are endless queues at the station or airport, IS THAT helpdesk agents’ fault?

Fortunately, there are the Lovely guys around. They arrive late, they are still lovely. They haven’t paid for their luggage and need to go and pay, they apologize and smile, and keep being lovely. They are going to miss their plane for a reason or another, they are so polite and adorable, you become a super-agent for them and do your best help them, ring the gate to ask for help and have them catch the plane; you even get them to the security queue knowing you are going to get really bad looks from those who’ve been waiting patiently for about an hour just to see a “privileged” jumping the queue. Even their kids are lovely and polite with angelic patience.

No need to ask you who you would prefer, right?

Adorable people stay adorable in the most critical situations.

Have a pleasant flight and keep being lovely 😉 we all LOVE adorable people.

With Love,



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