The Blue Armoured Door

She was sitting in front of the closed blue armoured door. She has been sitting there for the last twenty years. Yes, TWEENTY YEARS.

How someone can sit in front of a closed door so long without opening it? She knew what was behind the door and this was frightening her more than anything. Her broken heart has been hidden there long time ago. That day of August, when she found the letter her boyfriend was writing to another girl, she felt her heart smashing into millions pieces. Never again, she said to herself. Never again she would fall in love. And she imprisoned the bleeding heart behind an armoured door.

And to make sure nobody will open it she kept guarding the door, day and night, vigilantly. Nobody could approach the blue door. And nobody could ever imagine this kind of thing happened to her and nobody could ever get too close to her. Her attitude made almost everybody think she was distant and cold. Only her closest friends were allowed to get a glimpse of who she really was. And she didn’t care what Everybody could think of her.

One day, after twenty years, she looked at the blue door and wondered for a second ‘what if’. Then she looked around and just couldn’t decide if the door would stay like that forever. ‘Maybe one day I will open it again, she thought, a day in August to break the spell, who knows?’

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