Madam, Sir, Your Cage is Ready

I have been wondering these last months what would be to travel in a cage. Yes, a cage transported in the hold of a plane. Just, not for fun, but to realize what it is like. Moreover, I would REALLY like to put some people in there and have them travel this way for at least 3 hours. And no, I am not a psychopath, I am simply trying to figure out where the empathy is gone. I am trying to make people aware of cruel treatment on animals.

Too often I can see people taking the plane with their pets squeezed inside cages which are too small. Poor pets cannot stand and cannot turn round and this is illegal. Yet, some get through, as an EXCEPTIONAL authorization, so as they can say next time “every time I took the plane nobody told me the cage size was not appropriate”.  And it’s not even a question of authorization or whatever, it is COMMON SENSE. Have they heard about that? Mere COMMON SENSE.

When I ask those people how would they like to be in the tiny cage they look at me and respond with casualness I would qualify as sadism “s/he is alright and the flight is not too long”. ‘Not too long you said??’ I feel like snapping back. ‘Try and squeeze yourself in for 5 minutes only, not an hour or two or three.’ While those people sit comfortably in their seats admiring the landscape, the poor pets are condemned to a confined space for several hours because even if the flight lasts 1 hour, there are AT LEAST 2 hours they spend in to be put on and off hold at the departure and arrival. And this kind of people claim they LOVE their pets.

Let me put these guys in tiny cages please 😉

With love for pets,


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