Ready to Change into YOURSELF?

Dear Friends,

Alina and myself are currently organizing The Event on The Bars, the first step of Access Consciousness, on 20, 21 and 22 January 2017, in Ferney-Voltaire.

This is the very first time The Bars sessions are available in the area.

It is with great pleasure I invite you to watch the video in attachment, which is self-explanatory. Once you watched it, IF you feel it is your time to choose the Change for yourself, please contact me @ or Alina @

Places are limited and we have to follow the rule “First Come First Served” and Alina is the only person giving The Bar sessions in the area so far. 

For more infos about The Bars and the system Access Consciousness, please go to

Enjoy the video! 


Alina & Dan


Alina Stoian is an Access Bars® Facilitator – you can read about her on the Access Consciousness website, under the Facilitators heading:


Dan Agres-Eloy is co-organizer of the event and in her everyday life she is an animals’ defender through translation, article writing and petitions signing

4 thoughts on “Ready to Change into YOURSELF?

  1. Knowing when there is a turning point in our lives is essential and actually we all know deep down, we all know we know. Sometimes it is difficult to admit it, because we are too firmly anchored in our habits, mental mechanisms and the scary question “what the others think about me?”. Yet, there are no such things, in reality.

    We grew up with patterns issued by parents, school, society. But there is a moment when a déclencheur comes up and beckons to us to make changes, to move forward and away from all these implants which were put inside us, often rooted in good intention and based on what parents, friends, people who are part of our lives have learnt and believe is good. Nevertheless, the only one who knows exactly what it is good for each of us is… each of us. Being aware and taking responsibility for choices is overwhelming enriching and the decision to change belongs to each one.

    I would like to warmly thank Alina for this fantastic three-day event, for the peace and calm she brought with her and spread all around her, and for facilitating things to happen and make us aware that it was time for some of us to choose the Change.
    And if the time for some has not come yet, she will be back within a couple of months. I am happy to announce you I am also on my way to become a facilitator and we will be thrilled to meet with you again when your time comes.

    Consciously yours,


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