This is not a problem!

Is it not??

I would rather say IT IS! I honestly think people who think leaving their engine on while chatting with people IS a real problem. Needless to say the post office employee did not agree with me when I told her we haven’t inherited the Earth and that we are responsible for its health. She looked at me like a one-neuron irresponsible individual when I announced her that I turned off the engine of the van and that she was lucky I hadn’t took her key and left her flabbergasted for a while, in the deepest desperation of losing her job. No way had she shown any regret for being so stupid and selfish but never mind… what one can ask from this kind of person? I am often thinking fees have been invented for helpless and irresponsible people and that it is more often than normal affecting the good ones.

And no, we haven’t inherited the Earth, we have been given the privilege to dwell on it and take care of it.

With love to all responsible and caring people out there


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