Better is a Powerful Adjective

Indeed, it is, but we need to activate it, to feel and use it every day. Just ask yourself every morning “How can things be better than this?” such a mantra, and leave it float around you, you do not need to respond to the question, nor try to.

It is not a witch thing, nothing to do with this :D. It is a simple way to let your brains find solutions without panic, without stress, through new questions. And new questions can generate new ideas. You know, it’s like when you think of something you want to put a name on and you feel stuck because it is on the tip of your tongue but you cannot find the word/s you are looking for. And then, out of the blue, some hours later, the word you were desperately looking for appears in your mind. Yet, this is not happening all of a sudden, as we are tempted to believe. Our mind worked subconsciously, without rest, during all this time. The same happens with the question you launch. Our mind at work is creating connections and by the end there are new possibilities we haven’t even thought of so far because we were limited in the narrow alley of thoughts we created ourselves.

And we get great results if we do it every day, just like we automatically think of preparing a cup of coffee or tea, or fresh juice, in the morning.

So, how can things be better than this?

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