Ultimately, the Choice was Mine

Looking back to choices I should have made is not easy.

Why? Because now I can see I haven’t done the choice I would today. The first thought is “well, it was because of that person”. But now, I have to acknowledge the truth: “it was my own choice, it’s my own responsibility” and this is hard to admit even when it comes from my own guts. And I can’t lie to myself, it would be a shame. I realize how easy it is to get rid of responsibility by saying “it’s not my fault” when actually IT IS.

I can say “I did it because I took into account what the other person asked me”, but in no case I can say it is not my fault, it’s that person’s, because the reality it is not somebody else’s fault, but MINE. Maybe I didn’t do what today I consider I should have because I was afraid of failure, because I was scared of all the implications, because because and because. But ultimately the choice was mine. I am not going to beat myself up it would be of no use, right? On the contrary, I will learn the lesson, and…

would love all those who tell me they did or go on doing something “because of” someone else stop saying this, the blame is always ours. Take responsibility. We get on the right train at the right moment, it is a choice.

Ultimately, the choice is ours.

With lots of love,



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