What do you feed your beloved pets?

 It’s been a while I’m searching this question through reading specialized articles, talking to honest vets who put our furry friends’ health first (yes, there are some, fortunately!)

BUT… what about pets’ « parents » who are proclaiming they love their precious furry friends but take them to a walk for only ten minutes in the morning and in the afternoon and who are buying into ads of big brands which poison their pets but take their beloved to the vet’s lots of times to ease their consciences.

Don’t get me wrong, but I cannot understand this kind of behaviour. Yet, healthy food for pets exists AND this is not more expensive than the industrial food which benefits from millions invested in aggressive ads to get back billions from all those who rather turn a blind eye to a plethora of so well documented articles. What’s even worse is that they turn a blind eye on their faithful friends’ health condition.

A little more than one year ago I’ve found an exceptional small company who is preparing excellent food for pets and I recommend it to all my friends, colleagues and all those who are looking for healthy food for their pets. The big advantage, apart from the fact we REALLY care about your furry friends is that the parcels are dropped in front of our doors, for those of us who live in Switzerland. For people who live in France, they get their orders at their workplace.

Still hesitate? Come for a tasting afternoon for your furry friends.

You can contact me @ +336 74 05 1664 or danielaagres@yahoo.co.uk and please put in the subject line “Natural food for my cat/dog”

Hear from you soon!



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