Be Alive, Live Today!

(Credits for the photograph on Pinterest)

In my forties, don’t ask which side ;-), I feel much closer to people in their thirties, again don’t ask which side. My daughter used to say ‘sometimes I feel you are closer to my friends than myself” and also ‘why don’t you get a guy of your age?’ Not because everything is explainable, but this time it is, indeed. And the answer is straightforward: younger people are ALIVE. I am not talking about sex (not only! a wink is compulsory here) but mainly about energy, hopes, dreams, passion, eagerness to live a 200% life, wish to find out about life and love, thirst of innovation and so many other exciting things in life. They are always passionate, less turned toward leaking wounds and bitterness, past and revenge, painting things in black and avidly searching for others’ defaults. They want to discover life with far less judgment than the forty’s generation. Many men in my age are stuck in conventions, often false!, in keeping up appearances, in showing off. And they are tired, forget their dreams and hopes, feel down, most of the time depressed, clinging to the past, with serious thoughts of retirement and very attached to their habits, comfort and comfort zone. Of course, they are not all the same, fortunately, yet there are many of them like this. I’m not criticizing or judging, it’s just my way of seeing and feeling things, and I wanted to share this with you.

Have a passionate life and expect the Impossible, because it means Possible ultimately. Live as if it were your last day and make the most of it! Tomorrow it might be too late, so no regrets J

With Lots of Love,


One Cannot Lie to a Child or a Pet

This is true, no way one can fool a child or a pet. They all feel our intentions and feelings even if they cannot talk yet! A child or a pet who are not loved feel it immediately, they are not concerned with social appearances and conventions. Their guts are much more sensitive than anyone’s and it is useless to try and make them believe something which is not true. What they need is genuinity, not words.

The first thing they all notice is the way we feed them. Is the food good, healthy, made with love? If we say ‘well, at least they have something in their plate’ is not genuine love. Put a chunk of meat badly cooked in front of them and say ‘eat it, it will keep you alive’ and of course they will eat, no choice, but the taste is not there, love and care is not there and these two are the most important ingredients.

So, what if today, we choose to show them we REALLY love and care about them? And, what is even more important is that we are able to help other people to spread these powerful feelings of love and care? How do you feel seeing people reactions in front of genuinity? How would you feel seeing your power of making others happy?

This is the aim of our family company: to make your pets happy with good and healthy food. And if you have a generous soul, share it with your friends who have pets, it costs you nothing and it’s so rewarding.

Let’s get in touch and see how we can all contribute to others happiness. It is so easy! and +33 6 74 05 1664

With lots of Love,


Today Is A Special Day!

I have so many things to write about, one idea brings another, but today I will just ask you a question and will be delighted to read all your answers.

My question is: What thought makes you happy right now? 

Think about a thing or a person who lighten you up when you think of: the blue sky, the rain, the sun, a flower, a person you love, your pet, a book you are reading or heard about, a song, a project you’ve been thinking about for a long time, something you accomplished and you are soooo proud of. There is always at least one thing, just one thing, which makes your life worth living.

What is this thing? Just write down a word, or two, or many, there is no limit.

With lots of Love,


Many thanks to Wareen Keelan for this wonderful picture