Be Alive, Live Today!

(Credits for the photograph on Pinterest)

In my forties, don’t ask which side ;-), I feel much closer to people in their thirties, again don’t ask which side. My daughter used to say ‘sometimes I feel you are closer to my friends than myself” and also ‘why don’t you get a guy of your age?’ Not because everything is explainable, but this time it is, indeed. And the answer is straightforward: younger people are ALIVE. I am not talking about sex (not only! a wink is compulsory here) but mainly about energy, hopes, dreams, passion, eagerness to live a 200% life, wish to find out about life and love, thirst of innovation and so many other exciting things in life. They are always passionate, less turned toward leaking wounds and bitterness, past and revenge, painting things in black and avidly searching for others’ defaults. They want to discover life with far less judgment than the forty’s generation. Many men in my age are stuck in conventions, often false!, in keeping up appearances, in showing off. And they are tired, forget their dreams and hopes, feel down, most of the time depressed, clinging to the past, with serious thoughts of retirement and very attached to their habits, comfort and comfort zone. Of course, they are not all the same, fortunately, yet there are many of them like this. I’m not criticizing or judging, it’s just my way of seeing and feeling things, and I wanted to share this with you.

Have a passionate life and expect the Impossible, because it means Possible ultimately. Live as if it were your last day and make the most of it! Tomorrow it might be too late, so no regrets J

With Lots of Love,


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