Is stress a reason to be Rude? I don’t think so

Yesterday, at the airport, a woman accompanied by four teenagers, at the check-in desk. She literally vomited the ‘good morning’ which seemed to hurt her throat. The customer assistant’s expression said ‘hey, another rude creature, let’s deal with It quickly’. One passenger on the list was missing, so she had to ask if he was not traveling and a reason to be mentioned. ‘Well, he’s not traveling, that’s it’, snapped back the Rude. ‘I have to mention a reason, could you please give me one?’ ‘He’s not coming, I told you’ ‘Well, should we say he’s ill?’ The Rude became red in the face and gritted teeth, ready to explode. The assistant ignored her and went on patiently. Passports were controlled, one after the other, information was input in the computer, luggage was tagged and sent, one after the other. At a moment, the Rude said to the boys next to her ‘Pffff, it takes an eternity’. The assistant looked up and told her ‘Next time, please use the machines at your disposal, you’ll definitely save lots of time’. The Rude took the chance to be even ruder and snapped back ‘Well, you are so disagreeable, you started the day in a bad mood’. ‘My attitude is a reflection of yours, as simple as that’, responded the assistant. The Rude seemed to choke with her own stupid arrogance. I so much liked the assistant’s response. A few minutes ago, I had just heard some passengers saying to her ‘you are really kind, you made my day, I haven’t had such a good service for a while’. I smiled. She gave the deserved answer, she was smart. Hard work to face rude people hiding behind stress. No excuse. These last days the airport was a noisy, overcrowded, hot place one would only want to flee. Yet, there are people who work there, patiently, resiliently, or simply lovely, most of the times for long hours without being able to go and get a glass of water or even go to the toilet. No one is entitled to shed their personal frustration, personal mistakes on them, no one. All you can do is to be polite, nice if you feel like and swallow back your nastiness, nobody needs it.

We are all kindly invited to lock our rudeness back home. It would be very much appreciated. And have a nice flight.

Thanks God there are so many nice people though…

With <3,


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