You Got Friend-Zoned?

You got friend-zoned, or even worse, and you don’t like it. Or she just ignores you because she thinks you don’t care. You wanted it or not, now you’re there and would REALLY like to get out of there and get back your privileged sweetheart place. This is not easy, but not impossible either. Remember the times you left things to slip away because you were not sure about what you wanted, because you didn’t ask the questions you should have asked, or when you jumped on superficial (and even stupid) conclusions and hurried to throw them into her face without even thinking this could hurt and make her step back, ridiculously hoping she was going to prove you the contrary. Or you simply thought (still think…) your pride was much more important than happiness.

What could you do?

Remember what attracted her to you in the first place. Your lovely smile, a nice way of looking at her, little things you’ve done to help her, a few words in a message to show her you think of her. There are lots of things you might have noticed. It’s no guarantee you can still win her heart, but if you really like her, give it a try, it might well work. Or it might not, but it’s worth taking the risk. A sad face, avoiding her, and be caught looking at her when you think she’s not seeing you won’t help AT ALL.  She won’t make a move because she’s already tried and you didn’t want to pay attention. Don’t wait forever if you don’t want to see her flashing a smile to another man or even worse, going out with him.

First, make sure you find out what she likes: going to movies, dancing, going for a drink, going for a walk and talking. And I am not saying you should come straight away with a huge bunch of flowers, or… this is up to you, but this could seem a little over the top.

It’s high time you be the one who knows what you want, you’re not 15 anymore.

Good luck with this, maybe it’s not too late, you cannot know if you don’t try?



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