A Cat Doesn’t Allow You To…

As many of us know, when a dog is around they think you, human, are the master. Things are not the same with Mr and Ms Cat! For them, we, humans, are their servants. Don’t read twice, there is no visual trick. You read it correctly, trust me! We are their servants! And as in all societies based on hierarchic rules, we are not allowed by our cats to do certain things.

As a previous parent of a lovely wonderful beloved and loving dog, my Labrador, Banzaï, who very unfortunately died at 14, I will ask you to trust me, because it’s the truest truth ever! Of course, MY cats are different! Got it? I say it because THEY ARE different, at least one of them, Eliott. He’s a Chartreux but he reminds me of my dog, he has a labrador state of mind. Once, he reacted like a dog when a neighbour came to our door with a little lovely West Highland Terrier. I really thought he was going to eat the white little dog. He was growling in a terrifying way, my so sweet grey bundle of loveliness.

But this was not the original story! What was I writing about?? Oh yes, I was writing about what your cat would never ever allow you to do… if they have a choice: give back to you your just lost comfy place on the sofa or armchair, let you take back your pillow when you go to bed, change the tv channel when they watch, put them down on the floor when they are busy to taste your meal straight from your plate, cut their claws to prevent them from ruining your sofas, armchairs, wallpaper, carpets, curtains, dresses and so on! When I say “cut their claws” it’s about a very reasonable way of doing it, and definitely not the savage “operation” which horrible criminal vets still do.

They don’t want us to : stare at them, touch them when they are not in a mood (we are the same, right?), carry them around (imagine yourself lifted at 5 to 6 times your size! ), dress them with ridiculous attires (remember when you were a child and hated the clothes your mother forced you to wear!!! Help!!), forget their plate are empty and they really loathe dirty toilets (think when you go to the cinema toilets and you have to paddle in disgusting fluids on the floor with your shoes!! would you like to be barefoot ? I am absouletly sure you wouldn’t :O ) so be lovely and take into account my needs yeah?

On the other hand, I have to admit that I never understood how other parents taught their cats to scratch the pole of their cat tree. I’ve never ever knew how to do it, and all my cat trees landed to the dechetery because they got broken of too much jumping on them, but in perfect condition as far as it concerned the scratching poles! scratch-the-man

If you have other examples of things your cats don’t allow you to do, don’t be shy, share it with us in the comments space!

Have a lovely Friday afternoon 🙂

With Love,