Adopt Don’t Buy !

The number of abandoned cats is growing every day, in every part of the world. The shelters are overcrowded. Yet, the number of breeders is growing as well. Don’t get me wrong, I know lovely breeders, but this doesn’t change my feeling there are some nasty people out there who turn pets into breeding machines, keep them in horrific conditions and throw them away as soon as they are not profitable anymore.

And also, when we adopt a cat we can see them interacting with their mates in the shelter therefore we will be able to envisage to adopt a second cat to make their life easier.

Kitten or adult? This is an important question. You might think `Well, an adult cat has his/her habits or was traumatized by the previous family, or will live less than a kitten‘ Let me tell you, you are right and not that right at the same time. Kittens are lovely and playful but you have to teach them everything in case they were snatched from their mum before she had any chance to teach them elementary behaviour. Also, they play A LOT overnight so be prepared to have pieces of rest and feel like killing everybody when the clock rings in the morning! But I agree, kittens are very cute… and adults are heart-melting beings.

Think also that when you adopt it’s like when you have a baby: you just cannot get rid of them when you are tired or fed up with their mischiefs, they are very sensitive, they have feelings and they get attached to you. Think twice and think if you would take your kids to a shelter if they have days when they are absolutely impossible! Even if, I agree with you, we sometimes would like to be able to take them on an island, just like in the story with Pinocchio!!!! and let them there for a couple of days :O

I found for you a nice article I know you’ll enjoy 😉

And please, think twice and take responsibility. I trust you for this.

With love,